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Cloud telephony, also referred to as hosted telephony, is a technology that takes your telephone system to the cloud. Unlike traditional PBX, Virtual EPABX systems can be set up at zero infrastructural cost and zero CAPEX.

There are innumerable benefits that cloud telephony offers over conventional PBX systems, which I’ll reveal further. But, before that let’s have a look at various cloud telephony products that businesses use to efficiently manage their calls.

There are several products of cloud telephony:

#1 IVR: Interactive Voice Response interacts with customers through automatic voice response and dial pad inputs given by the customer.

#2 Toll free number: Toll free number lets your customers call you for free.

#3 Bulk SMS: It lets you send an SMS to all your customers at once.

#4 Virtual Number: It is a 10 digit phone number to which several other phone numbers can be mapped.

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