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Business Number

A business number is simply the phone number that a business uses and advertises in the market. It is the number that people can call on to reach the business for business enquiries, placing purchase orders or any other purpose. Business number of a business is also used by its customers to raise complaints, although many businesses have a separate helpline number for handling customer grievances.

A business can use any phone number as their business calling number. However, an ideal business number should have the following features.

  • It should be unique and distinguished from regular numbers
  • It should be easy to remember for people
  • It should always be reachable
  • It should always have good network strength

In addition to the above features, a business number can be made more powerful by attaching the following features to it.

  • It can have an IVR system linked to it
  • It can have a voicemail option, in case people are willing to drop a message
  • It can have facility to convey message to the caller on holidays & off days
  • It can have a call management system behind it to manage all the incoming & outgoing calls

While a business number might not seem like a big deal, it is the first point of contact between your business and the customer. For that reason, one must try to make the most of his or her business number and you can get one with in the call center software system.

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