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Did you have a landline number? Do you still have one?

I remember hearing my aunt muse over how they only had extension numbers initially. A phone operator would connect you to the desired extension.

Businesses have milked extension numbers better though. Single line could connect to so many internal phones! Oh what a cost saving it was!

No longer though. Now, we talk of and on mobile phones.

But guess what? With cloud, extension numbers are back for good!!

Cloud has redefined extensions. But before we elaborate on this one, here is why extensions in companies made sense:

  1. Business Telephony uses PBX to attach internal lines to a single external line. Each phone thus, did not need a separate line connection.
  2. Effectively PBX is like an in-house switchboard. It needed a some hardware and maintenance cost, but saved on the cost of multiple phone lines.
  3. Considering high call costs then, the idea of PBX lead to its extensive acceptance and became a professional signature for companies.

However, it did not make sense as the incoming calls increased. Each call lost due to a busy line,was cost to the company! Some corporates accepted the increase in telephone expenses  taking multiple number of phone lines for their business, while other, relatively smaller ones are still working with those PBX systems.

Cloud shall answer this too, but back for now, to what happened next.

With the mobile phones coming up and spreading fast, people started enjoying the mobility idea. Now people prefer to keep connected via mobile phones. But that means, if your Marketing Head leaves your company, at-least for some time, your customers will first call on his cell number for your business!

Those extensions at-least ensured that your business remained under your purview!!

Alright, so time for the cloud solution. Cloud PBX allows the traditional wisdom of keeping telephone extensions, only with the roadblocks removed.

MyOperator allows you the privilege of:

  1. Having multiple consecutive phone lines over a single number. That essentially means maintaining a professional image by providing a consistent single point of contact.
  2. You can direct the extension numbers to a mapped mobile number of your employee. So we are preserving the mobility while using extension numbers!
  3. MyOperator does not have any hardware or software requirement. So essentially, no capital expenditure!
  4. You can pay per use and scale your usage as per your need, without any hassle of new connections!!

MyOperator a leading call center software provides you with all of this by subscribing to the service. We get “Simpler Affordable Telephony” at your table in just 30 seconds! It’s time to switch!


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