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Extending love for Truecaller to Cloud

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“Wow! How did this know my name!” was my first reaction on an encounter with the Truecaller App. “Awesome” was the second. An amazing application working as a collaborative global phone directory is really cool! Did you know they already have over 10 million users?

It took awhile for us to discover how this mobile app has used the power of crowdsourcing to build its powerful and unique global phone directory. Completely convinced with its model and applicability, our team dwelt on the possibility of getting this as a service on our cloud telephony platform.

When I read their blog which claimed 0.5 billion name and number searches every month, I went like, “Of course,  they are doing it right!”

“We will get their API for it”, we concluded.

Truecaller and MyOperator integration [Illustration by MyOperator]
Truecaller and MyOperator integration [Illustration by MyOperator]

Businesses in India rely heavily on telephone conversations (say Voice) over e-mails or other modes of communication. While cloud telephony is making business conversations technologically affordable, one still misses caller identification beyond the number. Truecaller API has entered at the right time at the right place by collaborating as a service with a cloud telephony service provider in India.

There are some clear benefits of adding the power of Truecaller to cloud telephony:

  • There is nothing better than to know about customers beforehand and greet them directly with their name. It makes them happy.
  • One can even track caller location and bring out business-relevant analysis on that.
  • It saves the pain of explicitly adding every number in the customer database.

Many a times we have amazed our customers by greeting them with their name and they have never missed to ask, “How do you know my Name”, and it is always fun to answer, “We are smart and so is our product”.

Truecaller, apart from name, also provides Location, True Score, and Spam Score of the phone number.

True Score, a number displayed in Caller detailing, is considered as a popularity measure by Truecaller. On the other hand, there is a Spam Score which depicts the chances of a number being a spam. We piloted the same at MyOperator. During the pilot 2-3 calls were getting blocked each day as spam. We checked for its accuracy and Voila! All the blocks were on the mark.

We have launched the Truecaller beta service for our customers who would like to create a differentiated sales or support team using our product MyOperator.


Truecaller is innovating every day to add features to its service. The response to the Truecaller facility has been very encouraging. It is enabling the need to communicate smart. A 50ms response time ensures that one identifies the caller before picking up the call. This is helping SMEs manage their leads, customers and business calls by providing them with precise caller details.

Do you think we can prioritize users based on their True Score?

Are you using Truecaller in some innovative way, too?

We are still wondering how else Truecaller can work for us. Comment below to let us know your ideas and suggestions.

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