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5 reasons why callers’ database is important for Remarketing

why callers’ database is important for Remarketing
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If we talk about getting/staying in touch with people, phones are the most praised medium to connect. According to the mobile marketing statistics, 80% of the population use mobile phones and the rest are the fanboys of other gadgets in the market. Moreover, if I talk about mobile marketing strategies in India, a lot has been achieved through bulk SMSes and push messages.

For example, changes are being introduced every day in the mobile phone technology and accordingly we go for the phones that we like! But the bottom line remains the same.

No matter whether it’s a cellular device or tablet, each system has a calling feature. For example, the tools such as Facebook, Google and Yahoo messengers have a calling feature which help the users to connect with each other.

Now here’s a questionIf only messaging was so cool, why would they actually give a call button?

A simple answer to this could be that it’s easier when you call someone. Or, may be the messages you receive aren’t instant to perceive. Moreover, the emotional gradient which a phone call carries is subjectively more than that of any other medium to connect.

No matter what marketing strategy is, the first thing that you’ll ever receive is a phone call to inquire about your product because it’s fast and less complicated. Well, after the potential leads have called you, your clients split into two.

Remarketing is one of the most effective methods to bring your customers back. You may have details of people who contacted you via email, SMSes or a draft for that matter. But have you ever tracked the details of your callers?

This article is an attempt to tell you that tracking your callers’ details is beneficial for Remarketing. How? Here you go :

1. You have their numbers, call them back: What do you do when you have someone’s contact number? Either you call them or you don’t! The best thing which you can do when you have your customers’ phone numbers is to dial them back! Calling back can be a part of your Remarketing strategy and therefore, it will definitely create a positive sentiment within their minds.

If you want your potential leads to fetch your product, it is important for you to engage them. Social media is one of them but then it doesn’t assure you immediate response. But a phone call does. A proper conversation and personalizing it would definitely help you to retain them.

2. You have their numbers, ask them for a feedback: Now that you have called them back, follow a tongue-in-cheek strategy. In the course of the conversation, ask them for a feedback. Now, how is it “trying to be discrete?” Well, you are talking about your product and you are not. Meaning, don’t ask them to buy your product right away because if those leads have failed to convert, it means they expected something which your product didn’t meet. Instead ask them what stopped them from buying your product. Once, you’ve tracked their feedback, you can now build on your services or product you are providing. Listening to your customers will always help you in planning on to your product strategy and a phone call is a better option than typing mails in the sense that firstly, the person you are calling, cannot really escape the conversation and secondly, you have a one-on-one conversation which is easy and fast!

3. You have their numbers, send them SMSesAre you done with the above two steps? Yes?! Superb! Now do this : After you have called them and generated rich amount of feedback, work on your product such as the service related queries or discounts.

Send them promotional messages which will entice them to know new offers about your product and they may contact you back in order to know more about your product.

4. You have their numbers, ask them to try your new product: Are your customers calling you back? If yes, then here’s your next step: Pitch your new product or discount offers in a manner which impress your target audience to get your product. Give them clear details regarding your product thereby, personalizing the conversations.

The basic idea behind this step is not to sell your product but to pitch your product not with the intention to sell it but in order to provide value with your product and give your customers the freedom to take their own decisions.

5. You have their numbers, call them for surveysThis is the final and the most important step of the Remarketing process. Your Remarketing process doesn’t end with bringing back your customers. Inquiring about whether they are genuinely happy with your product after they have taken it, is a serious business. Therefore, a survey is a good option to know more about your customers. Send them “survey-oriented” SMSes on how they like the product or what they would like you to do for them in the future.

This is an intelligent step towards building the customer base wide and develop on your beta customers.

Calling someone is a personalized experience and if someone calls you, it simply means they need you. Therefore, start tracking the customer database who call you to reach back to them, when they need you the most.

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