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Deliver superior customer experience with MyOperator’s Call Recording feature

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Businesses are always working towards building a better product, improving the technology they implement or planning new marketing strategies to survive the cut-throat competition they face. However, a crucial element that they often forget is improving their customers’ experience.

According to a Walker study, by the year 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. It is therefore, important for every business to ensure that they are upgrading their customers’ journey and meeting their expectations. After all, every product cycle begins and ends with the customer.

But the question that arises is how can I upgrade my customers’ experience? Well, the answer is simple. You need to know the intricate details of your customers. That includes their tastes, preferences, problems, requirements and how well they are being handled by your agents.

However, manually keeping a tab and note on each detail becomes cumbersome especially when your customer base is large. But, what if I tell you that you can do all this with just a click? Yes, you heard me right!

MyOperator a leading IVR service provider, offers a “Call Recording” feature that enables you to analyze and review each conversation your agent has with your customer. It gives you a detailed understanding of everything you need to learn and know about your customers.

Here’s how you can use call recordings to stay ahead of your competitors:

Analyze the performance of your agents on calls

The agents who deal with your customers are the face of your business. They can either make or break your brand and reputation. Therefore, it is very important for you to know which agent in your organization is handling your customers’ call better.

Now, ask yourself these simple yet important questions. Are your agents meeting the needs of your customers? Are they projecting your brand the way you want it? Are they fulfilling the responsibilities bestowed on them? Well, to answer these questions you need to hear the conversations that your agents have with your customers.

Call recordings enable you to measure the quality and performance of your agents on calls. You can immediately decipher and conclude which agent understands the needs of your customers and responds appropriately. Call Recording system for office makes your agents accountable and helps to bring out their true potential. They empathize and take more efforts in understanding your customers which, eventually helps in improving your customers’ call experience and hence, your brand image.

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Obtain useful product insights

Producing a product and selling it shouldn’t be your end objective. Rather you should focus on after sale services and gathering valuable information that will further improve your product and usefulness among your customers. Because if you want to be the leader in your niche you need to understand your customers needs and requirements. After all, they are the ones who are eventually going to use, test and try your product.

However, it is cumbersome to collect this information from each customer manually especially when you have many clients. Here’s where the benefit of call recordings come into play and can be used to achieve your end goal i.e collecting useful product insights.

Call recording feature allow you to listen to your customers’ queries, grievances and suggestions. It provides you a base on which you can build to make your product the best in the market. It enables you to capture insights that you might have missed or not thought about. When you build a product solely for your customers, it plays major role in providing a great customer experience. And such a strategy eventually translates into increased revenues.

Train employees

To deliver superior customer experience isn’t a child’s play given the fact that no customer is the same. So, when businesses adopts a one size fits all approach they often fail. Therefore, if you want to upgrade your customer service, it is essential that your agents know your customers in and out and how to pitch your product while keeping your customers’ requirements in mind.

The best way to equip your agents into understanding your customers is to provide them with real life case studies. Only when they are familiar with the customer base your business deals with, will they be able to convert a potential prospect into a fully paying one.

Call recordings when shared with specific agents, departments or R&D enable your agents to understand your buyers’ persona. It allows you to train your agents with real case studies and helps them deal with your customers efficiently. Such training makes your agents more adaptive to different circumstances and helps them persuade and understand your customers better.

Call recording is essential when you receive inbound calls as it provides your agents adequate training, valuable product insights and helps you improve your callers experience. If you do not use this facility, you’ll miss out on important information that could help you improve your business’s efficiency and build stronger customer relationships.

So what are you waiting for? Try MyOperator a leading cloud call center solution Call Recording feature to upgrade your customers’ journey.

We’d love to hear how your business used this feature. So, do share your valuable experiences/ suggestions in the comment section below.

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