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The complete call tracking guide: Marketing, conversions & sales success

MyOperator / Blog / The complete call tracking guide: Marketing, conversions & sales success

All set to launch your next marketing campaign?

Platforms. Check.
Ad creatives. Check.
Budget. Check.
Customer call tracking. Wait, what?

I’m sure you’re equipped for all pre-campaign requisites. And post the campaigns, you’ll track impressions, clicks, conversions, and all possible metrics. Though, you really expect customer enquiry calls at one point after your campaign’s launch, right.

This is because you never miss highlighting your business contact number in any of your advertising/marketing efforts, whether it’s placed somewhere corner or is the centre of attention.

You know there are high possibilities your prospects will call you. So, to not regret missing out on incoming business opportunities, customer call tracking should stand confident in your perfect marketing campaign checklist.

Your campaign reports may be shining bright with a great number of clicks and goal completion, but what about the calls?

It is observed and proven, going digital doesn’t mean customers have stopped calling. It is in fact, still the most direct, personalized, and sought-after way of reaching out to a business.

You really need to do some work when you want to find out which sources drove you the customer calls you’re loving.

But, guess what, I just did all the effort for you (considering you’re a business who’s busy. And, this is my only job).

In the next few minutes of your life, you’ll get a clearer perspective on why customer calls matter; how to find out which call’s coming from which marketing source; and what you should do next with them (and forget missing customer calls, it’s not cool).

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I’m not saying this was the perfect guide and you have consumed all of it in one read.

But seriously, don’t leave without these critical takeaways.

For marketing: track analytics and metrics, but remember not to forget about incoming customer calls as a result of your marketing.

For conversions: a customer call does count as a conversion. After all, the caller was a viewer who made the effort to pick his phone and dial your number.

For sales: eventually, deal closures happen over calls. Which means, there’s money incoming with your customer/enquiry calls. So, track them, not miss.

Care enough about your marketing efforts?

I'd like to try call tracking

About The Author
Richa Agarwal
Richa is content author and marketer at MyOperator. She helps MyOperator improve their lead quality communications. She loves developing conversion-driven content viz. blogs, infographics, mailers, case studies, e-books, along with marketing collateral. You can connect with Richa on Linkedin and Twitter.

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