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There are certainly no second thoughts in saying that customer experience is one of the most prominent factors in choosing the product amongst the available options in the market. It actually matters how customers form an opinion about a particular product. 

The point, we are living in a customer-centric era where the voices of the customers are heard louder than any other screening module available. This is the reason why, in the present day, how other customers feel and ‘review’ about a particular product, significantly impacts our decision to buy that product.

According to the CEI survey report, approximately 86% of the customers would like to pay extra if they meet with a better customer experience. While 40% of customers are more inclined towards the companies who provide great customer experience.

When we remember instances of good service delivered to us, similarly, we also remember bad ones. You are hung on a call and the agent took too long to respond back, or, there is still no response to the query that you have placed a long time back.

Certainly, all this makes us angry, agitated and annoyed.

Even before buying a particular product, customers tend to trust other customer reviews more than any other guiding source available. There is a reason why customers’ opinions are considered to be the spine of the industry.

So, several global brands, big enterprises and small startups too are coming with the “Customer First” policy, exemplifying an empowering journey of shifting perspectives. Now, companies are more focused on providing an exceptional customer experience that stays in the customer’s mind forever creating a greater brand value.

At the present time, when customer experience is closely related to customer calling experience due to its easy availability than other offline modes, better customer experience can be acquired by streamlining how and why customers should connect to you over the call. 

The answer to this question is Call Automation.

But the major question here is what exactly can be done to enhance customer experience?

Before dwelling down into the intricacies of how customer calling experience can be beneficial in simplifying the entire customer communication, let’s understand what exactly constitutes customer experience and why it is crucial. 

What do we mean by customer experience?

Customer experience is all about the way your customers are served and what they remember about your brand, product. It is also about how they are connected to your business at every stage of requirement they usually face. There are multiple areas that define your customer experience. It can simply mean less wait time or 24*7 availability of your business. 

Why is customer experience important?

The reason why customer experience is prominent today is just because of one simple yet important principle, that is to create value that will sustain itself throughout the time. Today, when other customers find customer reviews even more important than any other media platform available, CX has become the new battlefield for bringing new ideas that can enhance the customer communication process. 

Call automation

Customer experience as the new battleground:

No doubt why CX is the new battleground in today’s scenario. The reason behind this is the extremely competitive market where new features are being introduced frequently. Therefore, when it is all about the betterment of the customer experience, every business would try its best to implement new strategies to boost their customer experience. 

How badly customer experience leads to customer churn:

The facts mentioned above specifically describes the situation of how customers prefer businesses having better customer service. There are no second thoughts on how important it is to provide swift customer service due to extreme competition in the market where every small or big enterprise is figuring out ways to take their service level one notch up. 

What indicates bad customer experience?

In calling, it can be as simple as prolonged customer wait time or no timely follow-ups when they are expected. So, it can be anything related to customers not being able to get full satisfaction with the service or product they have purchased. All this simply doesn’t make them feel valued as customers, something which they really expect.

Call Automation: A way for better customer experience:

Automation surely is the most successful method of present-day business communication. It is definitely a method that brings productivity from the same task that used to take hours to complete. It not only drive efficiency but also provide room for new innovative ideas. 

Automation helps agents to receive calls without any further delay. It reduces the customer waiting time to nearly nothing. Even certain user queries that are more repetitive in nature can be resolved with just putting extra navigation options to IVR. 

Hence, whenever a recurring user calls for a particular sales agent, he/she can easily get redirected to the requested agents or departments. And, so customer queries can be addressed on time. 

Here are some further important aspects of call automation that improves customer on call experience. 

1. Tollfree number for better customer reach:

Without toll-free numbers, it is near to impossible to think about better customer experience through calls. They are easily accessible, provides 24*7 business availability to customers, and are easy to remember as well.  

 2. Advanced IVR for better response:

IVR system is definitely a beneficial feature for swift customer service experience. IVR-led automation helps in generating the value where customers can easily choose from different departmental options being played on the IVR. 

3. Call forwarding for quick redressal:

The implementation of the call forwarding feature streamlined the business communication process in a way where users don’t have to wait in the calling queue for a long time. If one sales agent is unable to answer the call, the call can be redirected to the other agent in no time, to take the call.

4. Call recording for repetitive responses:

From not missing any key points in a customer conversation to getting all the customer communication data in one place, the call recording feature is a must for today’s business communication. 

5. Call tracking and Data analysis on go:

The customer communication process is more simplified with features like call tracking and data analysis. Recurrent customers don’t have to give their details all over again to reach out to any business helpline number.  

In conclusion, automation is the key factor that can definitely bring better customer experience into existence. It is not only a single method that can be beneficial for entire business communication but also a process that can bring room for further innovation into the picture. 

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call automation
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