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5 Ways To Make Your Customers Love You in 2024

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It’s 2024! By now, all of us are aware of how important it is for businesses to provide prompt customer support to sustain in the long-run. 

I’m sure you wouldn’t want your customers to use phrases like these, everywhere they lay their hands on: 

  • “Poor customer service”
  • “Bad product with no customer support”
  • “Fraud Company with no post-sales service”

Instead of covering up the bad reviews, isn’t it better you nip it in the bud? What are the best ways to do it? Read on. 

Best ways to improving customer service in 2021 - MyOperator
Best ways to improving customer service in 2024 – MyOperator

Interact on Social Media 

Of course, by now you must have created social media pages dedicated to your brand. Do you make an effort to check the inbox or maybe go through the comments and reviews? Customers love it when they get a response, even if it’s for negative reviews. If they give a compliment, then you should try to attend to those with equal care and empathy. 

Whether it’s on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram, try to connect with each and every feedback you receive; instead of hiding or restricting the comments for the sake of it and use a tool to easily respond and manage YouTube comments or comments on other social media channels.
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Listen to Your Customers. Period.

Whether it’s an enquiry or a complaint from your customer or prospect, you wouldn’t want to give it a miss. According to Forbes, firms that provide adequate customer service drives 4-8% higher revenue than the rest of their industries. 

Listen to their problems over a phone call and try to attend them all at the same time. Chatbots might help you solve the purpose temporarily but they won’t help you understand their expectations because let’s face it, human interaction is important. Now the question is, how is it possible to attend all the calls at the same time? Whether you already have a call center set up or managing all the calls on your own, the best way to tackle these problems is an effective cloud call center management system. Budgetary constraints? 

These systems can be customized as per your budget and call traffic and it starts with a pricing range as low as 2499/month. 

Check it out here.

After-Sales Service To Retain Loyal Customers 

Recently, I purchased a plant-based nutrition drink and it had a dynamic QR code in its pack to help me with a ‘free diet plan’. I scanned it and was redirected to a chatbot where a human agent provided me a customized diet chart after a free consultation with a nutritionist. I, as a consumer was really impressed with their after sales service and decided to continue with the product in days to come. 

THIS is very important. You wouldn’t want to let go off your loyal customers with poor after-sales service. This is one of the major reasons why a customer decides to continue with a certain brand or move on with another. The choice is yours. 

Gather Feedback to Improve Both your Product & Customer Service

Be it your existing customers or potential prospects, you might want to show a little bit of empathy and make it a point to regularly follow up or try to gather feedback regarding your services. This will not only help you improve your product but also build an admirable brand image that actually cares for its customers. 

You can conduct the same via WhatsApp or email marketing and try to implement the changes and enhancements accordingly. Surveys are one of the best ways to get started. 

Keep sharing updates 

Let’s face it, your customers don’t have all the time to check for updates of your product. They might rather get bombarded with ‘sponsored ads’ on social media from your competitors and this is where you need to digress their attention from. Share discount offers or any type of updates that your customers might find useful. Reach out to them as much as possible but maintain a restrictive timeline. Platforms where you can share your updates? 

  • Social Media 
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile push notifications
  • WhatsApp

What do you think is the best way to take care of your customers? Share your views in the comments section.

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