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Australia inbound numbers: The features and benefits guide

Australia inbound numbers The features and benefits guide
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The advancement of technology in this modern world has lots of potential which can drive tremendous growth to businesses and help them reach new heights. In the telecom industry, technology has been assisting many businesses to improvise their customer communication to a great extent. 

Technology has reached that level of advancement where just a phone number is sufficient to handle your entire business call handling process, from call tracking to routing to recording. However, not all businesses are aware of this unconventional phone number and its encompassing benefits.

I’m talking about an inbound number, and precisely about, an Australian inbound number. And if you’re one of the above categories, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

Let me walk you through all the nitty-gritty of this Australian phone number and why you should use this number for your business to get a sharp growth curve.

What is Australia inbound number?

Australia inbound number is a virtual number that is basically used to bring automation plus ease to your customer call handling. As the name suggests, your customer calls will come on this number, however, its features are entirely different from a usual phone number.

There are two different types of inbound numbers in Australia:

 Australia local numbers:

These are normal 10 digit Australian inbound numbers where callers have to pay their calling charges. Businesses will not be responsible for paying the charges for calls coming on their business numbers. Also, your callers from any region in Australia can connect with you on this number with local calling charges.

1800 inbound numbers:

This number is called the business branding numbers as it helps in enhancing the brand image of Australian businesses. With 1800 number, callers don’t need to pay for their calling charges as these are toll-free numbers. Businesses will incur the calling cost of their calls coming at their business numbers. 

Now, to understand the difference between the features of the above inbound numbers and usual phone number, refer to the below table:

Let’s talk about the benefits of inbound numbers

1. Build a brand image with Australia 1800 number

In this competitive business industry, every business wants to shine and get an edge over its competitors for building trust and an impactful relationship with its customers. To do so, Australia 1800 numbers succor businesses in creating a strong brand image in the market. 

Being a toll-free number, it requires businesses to incur the calling charges of the callers which creates a professional image in front of their customers.

For example, when comparing the two companies, an 1800 number for customer support will always have an upper hand as compared to the usual phone number. Obviously this is because it adds to the professionalism and easy accessibility of the company. 

2. Track business calls seamlessly with Australia local numbers

High call volume creates more tension for businesses (along with happiness, obviously) due to difficulty in handling them and fear of missing them.

But, automation is that solution to manage this high volume of business call ensuring no error and minimal human effort. Hence, an inbound number will automatically track your customer calls and all of these call activities will be shown on a live dashboard.

For example: If you’re receiving 5 customers calls at the same time, then, in this case, Australian inbound number will automatically forward your customer calls to different agents available at that time. Afterward, you can see your agents’ call activities in the live dashboard with detailed call reports.

P.S. If you want to take a step ahead, you can also check the recorded conversations of your customer calls.

3. Build your business presence locally with Australia 1800 numbers

Why only market one number for all regions of Australia when you can give your customers a personalized experience with a business number of their locality?

Australia local inbound numbers make this possible for you by making your business virtually present at all the local areas with the help of inbound numbers of that local area code.

For example, you can purchase an 02 inbound number for your central east Australia customers, 03 for south-east Australia customers and so on. Henceforth, your agents can connect with all of your customers situated in different regions from a single location. This is because your different numbers can have the same agents’ numbers mapped behind them. All this would ensure that your customers of different localities see a number familiar to their area code.

Needless to say, this results in a better experience for your customers as the accessibility of your business becomes easier. And, will help your business to maintain its local presence in that region.

Hence, gain more trust and credibility from your potential Australia customers.

4. Give a professional touch to your business with an IVR

Gaining customer trust is essential for every kind of business. One way to leave a good impression on customers is by building a professional image.

IVR system makes this possible by greeting customers with a professional voice message every time they make a call. Also, based on their input, IVR automatically routes calls to the respective departments without involving human efforts.

For example: When a customer calls on your Australian inbound number, first a welcome greeting will play and ask the caller to input a number as per their query:

“Welcome to Abacus Pvt ltd

Press 1 for sales

Press 2 for support

Press 3 for other information” and so on.

Afterward, it will route their calls to the concerned agent automatically, making your customer’s calling experience a professional one.

5. Run marketing campaigns with Australia 1800 numbers

Advertising your inbound number will give you an opportunity to take your business one notch up.

All you need is to market your Australian local number in different marketing campaigns. For example, you can add an 1800 number in your Facebook ad campaign so that customers can directly contact your agents without incurring the calling charges.

Measuring campaign performance is also one of the major key roles which help in improving campaign performance on a daily basis. This allows excluding the campaign which is not performing well as it depends on the inbound number performance.

This will be ensured with an inbound number as you will be able to check the number of incoming calls coming at the inbound number you’ve marketed.

Key takeaway:

Be it a small business or a big one, every business wants to connect with its maximum customers over a phone call as communication can provide their customers a better understanding of the product. An Australia local number will help your business in making your call handling process simplistic and upgrading your customer’s on-call experience.

How to get Australian inbound numbers?

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