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Scaling Your Education Brand: Steal Strategies from Aakash’s VP Farooq Khan

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The recent CXth Sense webinar hosted by MyOperator, titled “Keeping Students Hooked – CX Strategies for the Education Sector,” serves as an expert guide for those navigating the complexities of educational engagement. 

Farooq Khan, VP of Admission Support at Aakash Education, brought to the table his extensive experience in admissions and student engagement, highlighting the role of technology in optimizing these processes. 

With an abundance of experience in the Education sector, Farooq Khan delved into the critical role of CX in the education sector, pointing out how personalized engagement, technological integration, and continuous feedback are essential components of a successful educational institution. 

This blog guides you through insights on unlocking new standards of student engagement and success in educational institutions, paving the way for personalized and transformative education in the future.

Keeping Students Hooked – CX Strategies for Education Sector | MyOperator CXth Sense Series

Farooq Khan underlined the transformative role of technology in education, especially in a post-pandemic world where adaptability and innovation are key. 

“Technology plays a very important role…what kind of dialer you are using, what kind of CRM you are using,” Khan pointed out, underscoring the necessity for educational institutions to harness technology to enhance operational efficiency and personalize student interactions.

The Cornerstones of Effective Student Engagement

Drawing from his extensive experience, Khan outlined several foundational elements critical to fostering meaningful student engagement:

  • Personalized Communication: Tailoring communication to address the unique needs and preferences of students ensures a more inclusive and engaging educational experience. Advocating for personalized communication, Khan shares how direct calls for feedback to students can address specific concerns, improving the educational service based on common feedback.
  • Efficient Use of Technology: Farooq applauded the strategic application of CRM systems and communication tools to streamline processes. He mentioned that CRM systems helped educators to maintain a consistent and supportive presence in students’ educational journeys. Khan highlights how the past decade has seen significant technological advancements that have revolutionized customer experience in education. The use of sophisticated CRMs, Smart IVR solutions, dialers, and CTI tools has transformed how institutions engage with students, making operations more efficient.
  • Adapting to the Post-COVID Educational Landscape: He notes the shift in the educational landscape post-COVID, from offline to online learning and back, with modified structures. This adaptability to change is crucial for maintaining relevance and effectiveness in education
  • Commitment to Quality Service Delivery: “The delivery of the product is very important for us…after enrolling the student, what we are delivering and what kind of result we are providing,” Khan stressed the importance of delivering on promises and exceeding expectations to build trust and satisfaction among students and parents.
  • Word of Mouth: He stresses the significance of word-of-mouth in the education sector. Positive experiences lead to organic growth, highlighting the importance of every single student or parent’s experience.

In Education Industry it is Important to Understand that Nobody Wants to be Sold, Everybody Wants to be Helped”

Farooq Khan (VP of Admission Support at Aakash Education)

Scaling Aakash Education: MyOperator’s Impact

Aakash Education and MyOperator

In discussing the role of MyOperator in enhancing communication strategies at Aakash Education, Farooq Khan expressed, 

“MyOperator played a very important role…how you can connect with 60,000-70,000 people in a day. So manually, it is not possible but with MyOperator sending bulk messages becomes easy.” 

MyOperator has not only made it possible but has also streamlined the process, ensuring that Aakash Education can reach out to and engage with a vast number of students efficiently and effectively. 

This capability gave Aakash Education an advantage in measuring student interest, circulating information about exams, and ensuring that potential students have all they need to join the Aakash family.

In education, we have the seasonality business; like after the result, flow will increase suddenly at the time of competitive exams…so that time, MyOperator played a very important role, Khan explains. 

Myoperator whastapp dashboard  Aakash Education

The partnership with MyOperator extends beyond mere functionality. It’s about staying ahead in a fast-evolving telecommunications landscape. They are very much aware about the changes happening in the Telecom industry…based on that they are upgrading their product, Khan notes, appreciating MyOperator’s commitment to innovation and adaptability. 

Through MyOperator, Aakash Education continues to nurture and expand its community, proving that with the right partner, no challenge is too great, and no goal is out of reach.

Aakash Education’s Review of MyOperator | Customer Speaks | MyOperator


Our speaker, with his wealth of experience, has shown us the profound impact of integrating customer service excellence into educational practices. 

Throughout the session, Mr. Farooq Khan constantly underscored the importance of a personalized approach, delivering the promised service, and leveraging platforms like MyOperator to foster meaningful interactions and gather actionable feedback.

The lessons learned in the webinar should not only inspire but also challenge you to rethink how customer service can shape the future of education.

In the spirit of innovation and progress, we encourage you to explore MyOperator’s WhatsApp for Business as a tool to revolutionize your institution’s approach to engagement and communication. 

Here’s to crafting the future of education, one innovative step at a time.

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