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The basis for a productive and unified sales organisation is a solid sales strategy. In addition to empowering salespeople to perform at their highest level and aligning them with common goals, sales tactics and initiatives help keep them happy and productive. Isn’t that something brands like Swiggy, Duroply etc. are taking up? Time to steal some, what say?!

As the basics say a salesman can use a sales model as a tool or approach to enhance their marketing approach, increase the interest of potential clients, and perhaps even increase sales. While approaching organisations to assist them to buy what you’re offering, a salesperson might employ a variety of sale strategies.

Your buyer is the most crucial factor in deciding on and putting into practise your sales plan. In light of this, a sales plan shouldn’t be generic. As every customer is unique, various businesses develop and employ various techniques.

Let’s discuss some well-known sales strategies used by well-known brands like Swiggy, Duroply, etc.

Brand: Swiggy

Nandan Reddy, Sriharsha Majety, and Sriharsha Majety started Swiggy in 2014. The company’s headquarters are in Bengaluru, Karnataka, and it offers an online food ordering and delivery system.

Swiggy Sales Strategy Plans:

1. Product demonstration

The selling process can make or destroy a sales strategy. The sales pitch needs to be an effective, persuasive presentation, but it also shouldn’t be overbearing for fear of turning off the consumer.

Swiggy’s marketing approach incorporates strategic business communication. Even though Swiggy has been providing interesting digital content nearly since its foundation, its main driving force began with its IPL cooperation in 2017 and was solidified and expanded over the following few years.

The Swiggy marketing and communication strategy is distinctive as it uses short, 20-second clips with straightforward characters and a cricket commentary style.

2. SEO

To consistently produce SEO leads to meet your sales pipeline, implement SEO strategies that target your ideal customers, more precisely the decision-makers of your target businesses. To do it easy way consider using an SEO task management tool like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz, etc.

For instance, “Swiggy” as a search term drives the majority of the branded traffic to Swiggy’s website; but, the website also receives 37% of non-branded traffic from other keywords that the Brand owns. Additionally, SEO increases the online visibility of your website, allowing more members of your target demographic to find you through your most valuable search phrases. In addition to the organic traffic that the Swiggy website provides to the Brand, Swiggy also makes investments in paid search through 136 Paid keywords.

3. Email marketing

Each e-commerce platform looks for the finest strategies to display its goods and services. The best sales strategy for interacting with and converting potential buyers and current clients is still email marketing. The email has consistently been a key factor in expanding Swiggy’s customer base and driving business growth. The main goal of Swiggy’s email marketing strategy is to spark users’ interest.

By obtaining a Click Through Rate (CTR) of 7% and an Open Rate of 25% on a user base of millions, Swiggy set a new milestone in email marketing. Swiggy’s strategy has established a new norm in email marketing, with the typical industry rate being 1–1.5%.

4. Topical marketing

Teams engage a hot topic in topical marketing and create an advertisement that incorporates brand references.

With its eye-catching and innovative visuals on current trends, Swiggy also fully utilises the topical marketing technique. Teams engage a popular theme in topical marketing and create an advertisement that incorporates brand references. The goal is to leverage a topic that has acquired popularity in the mainstream media.

Brand: Duroply

In 1957, the company began operating in the plywood industry. Plywood, decorative veneers, block boards, doors, etc. are among the products that Duroply Industries Ltd principally manufactures and sells.

Duroply Sales Strategy Plans:

1. Logistics-focused approach

Duroply’s goal is to manage every aspect of the customer experience value chain, and this tactic has been successful in the industry. One of Duroply’s numerous strengths is its excellent emphasis on the operation’s logistics.

Duroply has developed a strong and sustainable business strategy as it understood from the start that to capture the distribution market, it would be necessary to create a vast logistical system. 

2. Customised approach

Each business is unique, and some will have specific requirements that must be satisfied before they will buy your goods. Duroply is flexible and supportive in situations like these.

In order to maximise their chances of generating a sale, Duroply tries to satisfy as many needs as they can. By doing so, they show a potential client that they will be helpful throughout the duration of the working relationship with them. Duroply offers more than 350+ designs to help its customers live out their dreams on a daily basis.

3. Build a win-win situation

Creating a win-win scenario might be crucial when making a sale. It speaks about how the advantages of the deal will benefit both you and the customer. This can happen by being open and transparent with the client on the outcome of the sale.

For example, at Duroply, if a client proposes an absurd price for the items, the potential buyer is informed that the pricing no longer works in the seller’s favour and is given the option of accepting a counteroffer that is lower for their advantage but still high enough to benefit both sides.

4. Share your story

Never be afraid to use stories to market a product. Describe a character who requires assistance in a story you write for your customers, and show how the character’s issue can be resolved by introducing your product. This can make it easier for potential customers to envision themselves as the protagonist and demonstrate the advantages of your product.

In Jeypore, Assam, Duroply launched a modest tea chest manufacturing business in 1964. The company began making plywood for sale. The corporation adopted the name Duroply in 1966 and underwent a name change. Today, Duroply has come a long way and is the leading brand in plywood production in India, known for its in-depth innovation, exceptional quality, and outstanding customer care.

Brands like Swiggy and Duroply have truly become a mainstay in our lives and something we eagerly look forward to. The pandemic put the founders’ adaptability to the test, but the organisation’s creativity in its strategic planning, artistic skill in its marketing, and imaginative energy in creating new services reminds us that the tale of such brands is only in its first chapter. In fact, such brands will provide their customers with a variety of fresh sales treats in the future as well. What are your thoughts on it? Share now.

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