6 Powerful ways to keep virtual sales team connected

6 Powerful ways to keep virtual sales team connected
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In the post-pandemic disruptive landscape, more and more organizations are seriously considering remote working indefinitely. Although the concept of working remotely existed before the COVID era, we all know how the remote working population has increased dramatically, for obvious reasons.  , 

There are several benefits and challenges too when it comes to remote working. Working remotely is the need of the hour, so you should make sure that your team is productive and putting their best foot forward even during this unprecedented time. 

Here we have put together a list of 6 best yet tried and tested ways to keep the remote sales team engaged and productive.

  1. Keep your team updated

Keeping your team updated will keep them engaged. Make sure you update your team about sales numbers, important updates about other departments and employees. These updates are meant to keep your team engaged and productive so keep it light and don’t be afraid to include lighthearted humour. Encourage them to do better if they are not meeting the target but try not to pressurize them, be at ease, guide them on how they can meet the goals more efficiently.

  1. Get everyone on a video meeting

Video calls have been the number one and the best way to stay connected during COVID, be it professionally or personally. Zoom meetings have now become an essential part of every organization. 

Video meetings make things a little easier and lighter, we have all featured a cat walking in the background or a child joining the meeting that led to lighthearted moments. Giving colleagues and clients a sneak-peek into each other’s homes adds a personal touch and also brings teammates closer together.

  1. Guide your team with time management

Time management is an essential part of when you and your team are working remotely. Guide your team with time management apps, tips and training is a great way to help your team manage their time more efficiently. 

There are a bunch of time management tools, many of them are free also, you can recommend your team such apps. And if you want to go fancy and spend money then, there are paid ones also, like Time doctor and Toggl.

  1. Ask-me anything meetings

These kinds of meetings should be held regularly for employees where they can ask questions, and there should be an option to submit questions anonymously. 

This helps your remote sales team as well as your organization in the short and long term. This is something that helps in removing assumptions, clear any doubts employees have and helps in building strong relationships between you and your employees.

  1. Fun team building activities

Who doesn’t love some fun activities? Right?

There’s a lot of fun exercises that you can do to make everyone in your team entertained at home. Try a round of “show and tell”, code break, team pursuit, etc. 

Have fun discussions with your team, get to know each other better by revisiting good old school days, and good memories that your team members have to share. In these unprecedented and stressful times, some fun activities can really help you and your team to de-stress.

  1. Offer training sessions

As they say “Learning is a lifelong process”, professionals should keep learning in order to stay updated and on top of the latest market trends. You can offer some training programmes for your team, if it’s in your budget, you can pay for online courses otherwise you can build one. This way, your employees will keep learning new things and will help them to be better salespeople. 

So, here are the six ways to keep your remote sales team connected, make team engagement an integral part of your organization. Remote working can be massively beneficial for your business but it comes at the cost of a tight-knit team. To be productive, your team needs to be engaged as well as happy and being an employer, it’s up to you how you keep your team together and bring the best out of them.

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