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6 Approaches Contact Management Platforms Save Resources

MyOperator / Blog / 6 Approaches Contact Management Platforms Save Resources

With contact management platforms, companies don’t only get to make more calls. They also get to keep more of their revenue. Here are ways that contact systems can help companies save on expenses. 

1) An IVR to Automate Call Routing

A contact management app typically comes with an interactive voice response feature. This application helps organize inbound calls by putting callers through an automated system that sorts, reroutes, and manages calls. 

An IVR does many things for a company, including the following: 

  • Greet customers. 
  • Provide options and automated support.
  • Automatically routes calls to the next available representative. 

An IVR system automates many processes, helping a company save man-hours on a job that would take large droves of staff to manage inbound calls. At a fraction of a price, this system can do what would take a whole army of people to do manually.

2) Integrations with CRM for Seamless Operation

One of the best contact management features is its many seamless integrations. Take, for instance, CRM integrations that help store lead information and move them through a funnel. Just like automation that keeps in-software features highly efficient, integrations make app-to-app functions more efficient.

Investing in integration typically leads to more savings as it lowers manpower requirements (like automation does) and removes the need for excess services to link the two together. By integrating with tools like CRM software, companies end up saving more while they do more.

3) Streamline Customer Service Team Management

Of course, not all jobs should go to robots. There are some things that people do better, like taking customer service issues. However, that doesn’t mean that software can’t help streamline that. 

A contact management platform also helps with support team management, providing features like performance reports to help managers and supervisors with coaching and evaluation needs. With more efficient systems, supervisors can also spend more time developing agents and training sales callers.  

4) Boost Work Productivity

Some of the best contact management examples also end up boosting productivity. That’s because software like contact management platforms improves systems by empowering better operations so agents can do more. 

By blocking prank calls and suspicious activity, for example, companies don’t waste man-hours on pointless calls with malicious intent. Sticky agent features will also help assign the best agents to answer certain queries so that issues get solved in the quickest way possible.

5) Streamline Outbound Calling

It’s not just inbound calling teams that get to slash budgets. Outbound teams end up saving resources when they implement contact management platforms too. Much money goes into paying for phone service to make sales calls. With contact software, you get charged better rates. 

The many automation and workflow optimizers also help remove unnecessary tasks so that outbound agents can focus on high-impact work and actual sales calls. By doing that, your company doesn’t only save money. You can also start getting more sales. 

6) Lessen Documentation Work With Call Logs

Documenting calls through pen and paper costs time and money. So a better alternative would be to digitally record a conversation. This reduces paper costs and streamlines the whole documentation workflow in the process. 

Companies should spend fewer resources on offline documentation and move them to digital cloud-based solutions. Contact management platforms happen to be one of them. Keeping digital call logs also cuts time spent looking for past conversations, which could be a great help when reviewing past concerns. Contact management platforms also have digital note-takers for people who like to jot down summaries and observations during the call.

Keep Tabs on Your Expenses

Business success relies on its leaders’ ability to retain the money as much as their ability to earn it. It doesn’t matter if your business earns a lot if you don’t streamline costs. This involves tracking expenses and finding ways to lower them. 

You can use tools like Zoho Expenses to keep track of your costs. To find out if this option is best for you, check out these Zoho Expense reviews

At the end of the day, what makes tools great is their ability to optimize our work so that we don’t waste resources on tasks that softwares streamline. Contact management platforms are great examples of these. So if you haven’t used it to optimize your call operations, maybe it’s time to start looking into it.

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