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Making mobile marketing work in India

Who could have imagined that these mobile phones would be so effective in spreading awareness among people and make business reach high? 67% of the mobile users frequently check their mobile phones, even if they aren’t ringing or vibrating. That’s why mobile marketing is here to stay!

But did you know, that this mobile marketing technique could actually tell you who all are your real customers and who aren’t? You don’t believe me? I’ll tell you how this happens : Those short codes you receive or the number you use to unsubscribe, are some of the ways you can identify your actual customers.

Here’s an infographic which will tell you how SMS as a means of mobile marketing, one of the most feasible and effective strategies for mobile marketing in India, helps you to identify the wrong audience :


SMS marketing strategy


This marketing season, get a cloud telephony number for your business in order to categorize your customers.


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