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10 Bizarre Experiences Only Customer Care Executives Can Relate To

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Almost every business talks about improving customer experience but do we ever think of strengthening the performance of customer care executives?

Your business performance depends on their performance and this is one of the most important challenges of many organizational set-ups. From inquiries to complaints, managing customer touchpoints must be one of your core business priorities. I have a couple of questions for you. 

  • How often do you get the chance to monitor the performance of your tele sales or call center agents? 
  • Are you aware that just like your business, your customer care executives too might need a fair amount of impetus to power up their performance? 

Let’s gleam through the haze of such conjectures and come straight to some of the most awkward moments every customer care or telesales executives are coping with right now.

Can’t you speak properly? Don’t they train you well?

This is so common especially for those live agents who handle clients from foreign countries. Instead of focussing on the core issue, the customers try to figure out the speaking capabilities of the representative. Now that’s quite mean. However, if the communication skills are negatively affecting your business goals, you need to find that out and take necessary actions maybe.

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Your voice is so comforting, can we talk?

Now, this is something most female customer reps can relate to, especially when dealing with customers who don’t know where to draw the line. They end up making your coworkers feel uncomfortable and also question their job roles. Implementing a streamlined IVR system into your call automation process might just prevent such unwanted situations from happening in the first place.

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It seems you don’t trust your product?

Whether it’s an in-house call center or a third-party vendor, the customer care executive will either answer your queries or register your complaints and often get them resolved as well. However, they are often hit up with such awkward questions where they do not know what to do next? Well, let’s burst the bubble for some ignorant customers – they are PROBLEM SOLVERS, not OWNERS of the product. So cut them some slack already.

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I have worked with the same company, don’t teach me!

Well working in the same company shouldn’t be tantamount to an I-know-it-all attitude. Shouldn’t the customer be a little patient with the caller and listen to him first. This is the problem with most of the customers (and that slyly includes all of us :-|) 

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Do you know who I am? I can get you sacked

This might not be one of the most commonly used phrases but yes, there are some who don’t shy away to call out. A deep-dive analysis of the call process will clear out the trigger point. You can decide who you should point your fingers at after analyzing the call recordings. 

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I know how it works. Just do what I say

Well, if the customers know how ‘it works’ they shouldn’t have called to get a solution in the first place. They should refrain from instructing the customer care rep about the dos and don’ts. Why would they say such a thing? You might want to find that out and get it fixed.

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Is that your real name?

This is another commonly used bizarre comment of overseas customers. Will the name of the caller make any difference or solve the problem? Shouldn’t the customers focus on the core issue and get it done and over with?

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Are you married?

I guess customers who ask this question should get training on ‘how to talk with a customer care representative’. I mean how is this question even relevant?

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Transfer the call to the manager, or else I won’t talk

Someone on the receiving end of the call is getting paid to get your issue resolved. Dragging in the corporate hierarchy should be dealt with an equally tactful revert and resolution. Now does this conversation even demand managerial intervention? You can keep a tab on the entire conversation and decide for yourself.

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I’m going to sue you!

Here I am not just blaming the angry customers but there also might be chances that the customer care is equally at fault. How will you find out? Again, an effective call management system can streamline all those problems happening inside a call-center set-up.

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