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Italy hosted PBX system

All about cloud PBX system in Italy

Italy cloud PBX solution is an upgraded PBX system that is designed for providing uninterrupted calling experience to users via its call automation property. It helps in handling multiple calls simultaneously through an IVR. Subsequently, cloud PBX, combined with tollfree number, builds brand reputation by giving free calling experience to its customers. Italy IP PBX system is hosted at provider’s end. Hence, it does not require any hardware installation or maintenance cost.

Advantages of hosted PBX solution

Amplified brand reputation

Tollfree number and IVR are integral parts of an IP PBX phone system which helps in improving business brand reputation and improving customer on call experience. Tollfree number provides free calling privileges to users so that chances of receiving customers calls increases. On the other hand, IVR assists by giving effective call routing of business calls and greeting customers with welcome voice greetings.

Italy hosted PBX system

Aerodynamic workflow & improved productivity

Effectuating an advanced call management system is an impressive move towards streamlining workflow. Because of call automation, agents do not necessarily need to transfer customer calls manually. Account managers can track customer calls easily through a live panel which will definitely save their time. Further, listen to customer call recording to understand their issues thoroughly to reduce the on-call dispute percentage.

Italy hosted PBX system

Round the clock activity

Hosted PBX is an advanced call management solution that assists businesses in 24X7 support. Interestingly, you can attend customer calls even after business hours with the help of an IVR irrespective of location and time constraints. In case of unavailability, users can also drop a voicemail. IVR also assists businesses in attending multiple customer calls simultaneously.

Italy hosted PBX system

Intelligent call reporting

Constant business monitoring is critical for attaining maximum growth in the business industry. A cloud-based virtual phone system allows managers to keep a regular tab on the performance of their agents with a live dashboard. It provides comprehensive call reports where managers can look into call analytics of different components like department wise reports, agent wise reports, location-based reports, time-based reports, etc.

Italy hosted PBX system

Feature of cloud PBX system in Italy

Italy hosted PBX system
Call Tracking

Owners can track missed calls of their customers in real-time on a live dashboard. And, can also examine the callers’ location.

Italy hosted PBX system
Business call recording

Call recording facilitates business managers to resolve on-call customer disputes and train new agents, and rating agents’ performance.

Italy hosted PBX system
800 number

Market your business effectively with Italy 800 numbers. Further, use it to give free calling experience to your callers.


IVR is designed as a virtual receptionist which can be used in greeting callers and automatically routing their calls.

Italy hosted PBX system
Call reporting

You can get a comprehensive detailed report where you can check the number of calls connected/missed, location of the callers and many other details.

Italy hosted PBX system
AWS security

Protect your data with 128 bit SSL encryption and ensure full time shielding of your critical data with high level AWS security.

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Round the clock support

Our dedicated team is available round the clock to help you out in your difficulty. Be it any kind of roadblock, our hardworking team is available 24X7 to decode your problem. In case of help, you can place a query on or you can submit a ticket on our support panel. Our team will resolve your issue at the earliest as possible.

Italy hosted PBX system

99.9% Uptime

MyOperator servers are based on AWS cloud platforms that ensure 99.9% uptime to your business. No matter how many users are connected to your business phone system, cloud based servers work 24X7 irresistibly. Even in case of climatic disturbances or bad weather conditions, our servers will work relentlessly irrespective of location or time.


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What is Italy hosted PBX system?
Italy hosted PBX system is a comprehensive suite of advanced call handling services that empowers your business to handle calls easily and effectively supervise your on-call customer interactions.
  1. Real-time tracking of customer calls.
  2. IVR
  3. CRM/API integrations
  4. Detailed and insightful call reports
  5. Italy 800 number
Sign in for your 3-day demo. Get access to the MyOperator “Live” dashboard. Pick your service plan. Put in all the required details or call us at +1 226 828 9552. You may check the detailed pricing here.
There are multiple business phone system providers in the Italy market, however, MyOperator assures 99.9% uptime of your customer calls along with free call recording and an android mobile app for your constant business monitoring.
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