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Our customer

Mamaearth launched its baby care products in 2015 based on safe, toxin-free, and international standard products. They have perfected their product line to the topmost level and have also been declared as the first company in Asia to be certified by Made Safe. Headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, the organization currently serves more than 2.5 lakh customers pan India.

Their challenges

Previous to MyOperator, Mamaearth had a traditional landline phone system to attend their customer calls. Needless to say, they were facing numerous challenges owing to the restrictions a landline phone has:

  • Missed customer calls due to absence of agents around the phone.
  • Inability to timely follow-up on the missed calls & customers.
  • Transferring calls manually from one agent to another.
  • No record or data of customer conversations.
  • They were hence, in dire need of a system that could make their call handling much simpler and automated. Considering the high volume of calls they receive, a conventional telephone setup was nowhere in option for them.

    mama earth virtual number
    mama earth business number

    Their success

    These difficulties and need for a reliable solution brought Mamaearth to MyOperator. We recognized the loopholes in their call handling process and successfully streamlined their customer’s on-call experience and team’s call-related operations with the required features.

    With the provided setup comprising a virtual number, IVR, call tracking & recording, not only their team’s manual intervention reduced drastically but also, the profit rose with evident numbers.

    To sum up, they witnessed:

    • 49% increase in their customer calls.
    • 38% hike in the number of on-call orders placed.

    MyOperator played an integral part in streamlining our business communication with its strong and reliable platform. It has given our team the ability to focus on more productive tasks rather than wasting time in call-management processes.


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