Features of cloud EPABX system

No hardware installation

Switch to cloud EPABX and eliminate the need of any hardware installation.

Pay as you go

Remove the burden of one-time heavy investment. Pay while you use the service.

Quick setup

Cloud PBX is set up in less than 30 seconds. No wires, no servers, just a subscription.

Easy scalability

Scale your cloud based business phone system anytime as per your business requirement.

CRM Integration

Integrate your PBX and CRM software to keep all your customer information at one place.

Smooth portability

Make your cloud PBX system constant even while you shift your office location.

Simplify your business call management system

Increase your business mobility

Cloud PBX system allows the agents to work efficiently irrespective of their location. Whether the agent is inside the office premises or working remotely, they can manage calls on their centralized virtual number. Virtual PBX also makes it possible to record, track and monitor all your business calls. All these features, combined, increases your business mobility without affecting efficiency and productivity of the agents.

Increase your business mobility

Eliminate CapEx and hardware installation

Cloud EPABX doesn’t require any hardware installation within or outside the premises. This eliminates any kind of capital expenditure and saves you from one-time heavy investment. Also, it works on pay as you go model, and is thus, easily scalable. Cloud PBX system is very easy to set up and can be done online even without any technical help.

Eliminate CapEx and hardware installation

Traditional EPABX v/s Cloud EPABX

Traditional EPABX

  • Setup and installation is expensive. It’s often not feasible for smaller or growing business as they have other primary concerns.
  • Maintaining your callers’ data at one place becomes difficult. You require manual efforts to record it.
  • Calls incoming through traditional PBX are forwarded on landline phones and hence restrict agents to attend calls at their desk only.
  • Traditional PBX doesn’t provide you with any such reports. Thus, monitoring your business calls becomes a huge task.


  • You just need to pay your subscription cost which you incur monthly or annually. There is no one time heavy investment.
  • Callers’ data are stored and maintained real-time automatically. They can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime on the online panel.
  • Calls coming through cloud PBX are forwarded on your agent’s mobile phone, thereby facilitating the agents to work from anywhere.
  • Cloud EPABX lets you monitor calls efficiently by giving you information about individual agent performance, peak calling hours, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Cloud PBX?
Cloud PBX is a PBX system hosted on a third-party server by using cloud telephony technology
There are innumerable advantages of hosted PBX over traditional PBX. Some of them are easy scalability and portability, no hardware installation, subscription based, etc. Here you can see a detailed comparison.
Cloud PBX setup is done completely online. So, there’s no requirement for on-premises technical help.
Yes, you can definitely switch from traditional to virtual PBX. To know the process in detail, give us a call on 9212992129.
Cloud PBX is just as secure as your traditional PBX system.