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Why single panel for all call tracking makes you awesome

track all calls on a single panel
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If you are an enterprising entrepreneur your day is bound to start with calls, messages, faxes, mails and all sorts of communications. They are like newspapers, milk-man, grocery deliverer, neighbors, salesman hitting at your doorbell every now or then. As soon as you answer one visitor the next comes in. You could skip the knocks and bells but surely your phone can’t afford the ignorance. It could cost you dearly at your business. Leaving you with little or no choice as to how to go about the communications.

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Unless you wrap your business and decide to sit put at home and settle with soap-operas and popcorns, there is no way the calls, emails, SMS and faxes would stop. So instead of brooding or putting your productivity at halt. You need to allow the important interruptions to capture your  time and energy and  send the less meaningful, or meaningless interruptions to the back of the line. The trick to adding meaning to interruptions is finding the relevant context of those interruptions.  This allows you to categorize, prioritize, and appropriately manage the barrage of communications mediums that fill your day.

Here in the age of multimodal communications you can be reached in many different ways and context can and should be applied to every one of them, wisely.

This segregation at a minuscule level perhaps is a fine technique but imagine someone who works in a high stress, life critical job.  Imagine a doctor being able to tell exactly why her phone is buzzing before responding to the phone call, text message, email, or voicemail.  Imagine how the quality of her care would go up if she were able to intelligently ignore the unimportant interruptions and spend her time responding to critical matters. God help you salvage the very valuable business you lost out on! The damage could be to no extent.

Think of how context allows you to make better decisions.  Think of how much more productive you are when you are able to sort interruptions by importance.   This is the future of communications.  This is what makes unified communications “workflow relevant.”

Believe it or not ……..Under one single panel you can get all your calls

( yes you read correct it is from the first to the last call 24/7/365 ), SMS and faxes managed effectively and promptly.

IVRs, or Interactive Voice Response systems, are communications service providers with a uniquely deep understanding of voice applications that solve business problems through improved multitasking communication and automation. MyOperator, for one, takes advantage of the ubiquity of cellular and voice networks to enhance interaction and efficiency within an organization, offering features such as toll-free numbers for seamless customer engagement. If you’re wondering how to get toll free number, MyOperator provides easy solutions for obtaining one to enhance your business communication.

Easy integration enhances your business by strengthening your customers’ relationships with their customers, increasing your revenue and lowering costs. And thereby gives you the benefit of Unified Communications hassle-free.

IVR’s manage your incoming calls, mails, messages, faxes with epitome, that you could just holiday, work, visit site or whatever with ease and maybe turn back and review at them all at your convenient time.

This article is contributed by Aakaanksha Singh. She is a professional Blogger, columnist and an author.

Why single panel for all call tracking makes you awesome

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