A virtual number is a must for your business. Here’s why

A virtual number is a must for your business. Here’s why
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Marketing is a sector within an organization and an entrepreneur usually struggles with the thought process of how much is to be reinvested of what earned.

Are you caught in a similar situation?

In today’s digitally oriented world, marketing has become easier. There are various ways to project your business viz. websites, social media, digital advertisements, videos, etc. But there exists other offline channels too. These include print medtollia, radio, television, direct mailers, pamphlets and hoardings.

There are innumerable marketing channels to choose from. But the smartest way of doing marketing is to invest an appropriate amount on the correct strategy.

One aspect which remains static throughout all your marketing campaigns is the phone numbers you share. According to AdInsight, 43% of the lead conversions happens over a phone.

Usually, businesses share multiple phone numbers in order to attend business phone calls. But this doesn’t assure you have attended all the calls. How?

For example:

Suppose, you have 4 business numbers shared on your billboards.

Now here’s a possibility: There can be 10 callers calling at the same time. Out of them, 4 might get connected and the rest 6? Therefore, there’s a huge loss of 60% new business!

Virtual phone number makes your phone presence easier. These numbers are affordable and equally best for marketing campaigns. Here’s How:

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Calculating marketing campaigns performance is easier

Simultaneously, you happen to invest on multiple marketing campaigns. But did you take the effort to know which all marketing campaigns are at its peak? Virtual toll-free numbers can help you with this.

Suppose there are 3 marketing campaigns running simultaneously. All you have to do is get indian virtual number for each campaign and display it. Now here’s the catch: You’ll start getting calls. Yes, customer calls on those virtual numbers.

Virtual numbers can be associated with a call tracking software which helps you track all the calls you get, providing detailed call analytics of your business phone calls. Now you can compare these call back responses and prepare a report on which marketing strategy worked the best this season.

Zero calls missed with a virtual number

When you receive a bagful of incoming calls and you are not able to manage these calls, virtual numbers work the best in such a situation.

An RoI is complete when you have a clear picture about both attended and unattended calls. A virtual phone number can be integrated with call tracking software to track business phone calls. Even if someone tried to call and wasn’t able to speak to a real person, that very response is tracked!

This call tracking strategy could be enhanced using IVR solutions, which engage callers either to leave a message asking for contact numbers or ask them to wait till they are connected to the right person.

You can also fix extensions for your callers which further can make your team mobile and helps you to stay connected 24×7.

Therefore, the missed call rate automatically reduces.

Tracking calls beyond phone numbers

Tracking phone numbers isn’t enough for knowing the RoI of your business. Customer insights are equally important to track the RoI.

virtual phone number India are flexible and can be used in multiple ways enhancing its utility. Adding a call recording feature can help you record the customer comments or suggestions they made in response to those marketing campaigns. This further enables you to dig in deep about the performance the marketing campaigns.

The callers’ responses may be negative or positive, but it is a deciding factor for your strategies being right or not.

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