MyOperator Teamcation Updates | WFH – Work From Himalayas 

MyOperator Teamcation Updates | WFH – Work From Himalayas
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You must be familiar with vacation, staycation, and even workation but what is ‘teamcation’? 

You are about to find out! 

COVID era has taken toll on everyone’s mental health and it is imperative for workplaces to provide conducive and convivial culture for its employees. 

Keeping that in mind, MyOperator and Winters Brook have come up with a distinctive idea ‘teamcation’.

Teamcation is the new concept of taking an entire team for a workation together at a serene place. Small teams that work together from the office are taken to places like hill-stations, beaches, etc where they are stationed for a week or two. 

In a hill station, they can explore the area, and do activities like trekking, mountaineering, and driving while also working as a team as per their daily work schedules.

You must be wondering what is the difference between teamcation and a company retreat? Well, the major difference is that company retreats focus on a ‘vacation’ while teamcation is a solid mix of work and vacation. On a teamcation you will be delivering your work assignments without fail at the end of the day. 

MyOperator’s an IVR service provider team is super excited to be a part of this venture and working from Manali with the whole team will be an entirely new experience. This brings us to the part that why WintersBrook (Manali)? 

So we had a checklist and it checked all the boxes! It was a match when we found out Winters Brook Manali, they are Airbnb ‘super hosts’ with a 100% 5-star rating, Nikhil who runs the place is a founder, and has spent over 12 years in corporate and startup life. 

When we saw what the place offers our team was awestruck. It had everything we could ask for a teamcation.  Amidst mountains, rivers, and pine forests wifi-internet speed/ Cell networks were also important for us. Winters Brook is having power-backed-up internet setup for seamless connectivity. Major cell networks run smoothly, so this was well taken care of.

This teamcation is going to be something you have never witnessed before. So stay tuned for what comes next on our blog and social media handles.

Day 2

Day two started with work along with some fun since it was a Monday. The team worked together at Winter Brooks surrounded by mountains and valleys and then left for the Barbeque night along with music, dancing, bonfire, and celebrated one of the team members Shivansh’s birthday. It was a busy day that ended on a fun note, here is the glimpse of memories.

Day 2 Teamcation- MyOperator
Day 2 Teamcation- MyOperator
Day 2 Teamcation- MyOperator

Day 1

13 people from different parts of North India (Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh) set up two meeting points- Delhi and Chandigarh and left for the destination from these points.

To know what the team would be doing the following days, checkout this itinerary.

Teamcation- MyOperator
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