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[Success story] How Stellar Achieved 50% Increase in Customer Calls

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Data is the prized possession that no business or organization can afford to lose. However, due to some unfortunate events, sometimes the data is lost. Now retrieving that data is a task that only professionals can take up. Stellar data recovery team are the professionals who help you in recovering data from formatted, corrupted, and encrypted devices. 

A little about Stellar

Stellar Data Recovery is a leading data care corporation that has its headquarters in Gurugram, India, and has a significant presence across the globe including the USA and Europe. The ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified organization specializes in Data Recovery, Data Erasure, Mailbox Conversion, and File Repair software and services. The company was started 25 years back and it is now working largely in 190 countries and has 3 million+ registered customers. 

Why and how were Stellar Missing Business Calls? 

Stellar has established 15 branches across the country and deals with a high volume of calls. These calls are mostly from the high-level marketing Stellar invests in, and hence, it is crucial for them to analyze which marketing campaign is driving how many calls.

Proper analysis of their marketing investment, as well as team performance, is highly essential for Stellar. Hence, they required a solution that could not only streamline their customer calls but also assist in the supervision of the same. 

Earlier, Stellar had a traditional PBX system implemented for their on-call customer communication. They attended their calls from a landline phone system, but during their non-working hours, a notable number of those calls were getting missed. 

Owing to the limitations of traditional PBX systems, Stellar didn’t have access to any reporting or recording of their customer calls. Both their purpose of analysis and supervision were not being taken care of. That is when they opted for MyOperator solutions. 

How MyOperator Helped Them Scale Up

Stellar Success Story

MyOperator provided Stellar with a customized and comprehensive multi-store solution. The given solution included features like:

Virtual numbers 

Stellar got two virtual numbers for each branch. 1 for their PPC campaigns and the other to be published on the website. Virtual numbers were the ideal solution for Stellar as they are not connected to a specific device. The calls can be taken on different devices thus, making the number 24*7 accessible to customers. 

Recording and reporting 

As one of the major needs of Stellar was to analyze the marketing campaign and employee performances they needed a solution that would help them do both. MyOperator’s feature of call recording and live panel helped them accomplish both. Every single call that they receive on their virtual numbers is now recorded, stored, and can be easily accessed at any point. The live -panel gives real-time updates of all the incoming and outgoing calls on the virtual numbers. These solutions have made it possible for Stellar to keep a track of both campaigns and the team performance. 

Call routing 

For a company like Stellar, it isn’t ideal for employees to focus on transferring calls from one department to another instead of doing their actual job. The call routing solution is what facilitated Stellar for the same. Conditional and smart call routing for working and non-working hours. The customer’s call can be transferred to the right department without the involvement of any manual efforts. Furthermore, call routing during non-working hours ensured that no call was missed from Stellar’s end. 

Follow-up feature

Missing out on calls is not an option for any business. The follow-up solution was provided to Stellar that automatically assigns follow-up tasks on the missed calls. If by any chance a call has been missed, it will immediately be added to the task list of the agent, therefore, making sure that no customer is left unattended. 

The results? 

With MyOperator solutions, Stellar now has a proper track of their customer calls coming on each assigned virtual toll free number. This facilitated them to check their marketing ROI and make necessary modifications in their future strategies accordingly. 

Their executives were also able to ensure timely follow-up on their missed customer calls. And, proper recording and reporting of customer calls facilitated their quality assessment team to supervise their executives’ performance adequately.

  • 50% increase in the customer calls they received
  • 30% increase in their team efficiency, as the supervisors could now evaluate which executive has the best pickup ratio or highest/least average on-call handling time.
  • 25% increase in their on-call business closures.
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