Quick Tips To Keep Your Sales Team Motivated And Happy

Quick Tips To Keep Your Sales Team Motivated And Happy
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It is obvious that motivation yields good results. But, motivation is not limited to aesthetic quotes and quirky wallpapers. It is beyond that, especially for the sales team. A sales team will deliver good results if they are motivated. But giving salespersons motivation is not a child’s play. Sales as a job is very tiring and requires a huge amount of resilience. A salesperson is someone who is very tough and ready to face any challenge. But sometimes, even he/she can feel low or incompetent if he/she fails to land a crucial client or is stuck somewhere. At these times, it is extremely important to give a heads up to your sales team. Here are a few ways to give sales motivation to your sales team to give their best:

Communication is the key to success

You might have heard this many times, but did you ever imply it? If not, then now is the time to use it for sales team motivation. Communication is a gift to us, and every business thrives on it. Motivation also comes from communication. If you’re wondering that why your sales team is not doing well enough, then it is probably because you are not conversing enough with them. A leader needs to talk to his/her sales team to convey to them the fact that they matter and that their work is what giving the company new heights. 

Communication goes a long way. It not only helps in motivating your team but also improves productivity. If a task is conveyed using effective communication then it will be done soon enough as there would be less confusion. Moreover, communication helps in blurring the line between an employee and a boss which, builds a comfortable surrounding for your employees and motivates them to work better. 

Trust is the bedrock 

You will be able to motivate your sales team only if they trust you. If your team is not aware that you think of their best interests, then it will never be motivated enough to work to give quality results. You won’t be able to inspire an undermotivated sales team unless you hold honest conversations with them and share things like a leader, not a boss. Communication is one way through which this can be done. The perfect way to build trust is to be transparent with your team, engage with it frequently, and nurture it for growth. 

Start on the right foot by discussing that you trust the team and their work and then gradually make them trust you by communicating and working with them. This will give sales motivation to your team. 


Celebrate every win

Celebrating successes acts as positive reinforcement for every team member and pushes them to work better. You do not have to host a grand party every time a salesperson lands a client but, you can surely give him/her some incentive and make him/her feel rewarded. To automate incentivizing your sales team, you can also consider using a sales incentive software and have sales motivation on autopilot.

Do not wait for a huge sales success to celebrate. Appreciate your team even at small accomplishments as this will act as sales motivation and make them work eagerly. Celebrating small wins will uplift the mood of the team and make them feel worthy, which eventually will motivate them.

Praise publicly 

Appreciate in public, criticize in private. Keeping this in mind will help you in long run, not only to motivate your sales team but also in your personal life. If your sales team has achieved a milestone, giving them public recognition for the same will act as a double boost. If some mistake has been done by the team, then you should always give your feedback in private or otherwise, it might demotivate them, or some people might even take it on the heart, and their performance might be affected. 

Optimism is a way of life

Indeed! It is not only the way of life but also the path to success. One way of sales motivation for your team is by staying positive around them. It is not unknown that a salesperson encounters many negative situations in a single day. Too much negativity is toxic, can affect a person’s performance, make them feel unworthy, and eventually demotivate them.

To avoid this cycle of torment, you can be the light of positivity for your team and encourage them in any and every situation. Being optimistic not only makes a good leader but also a good human. Spreading positivity will keep your employees happy, give them motivation, and help them achieve their desired goal. If your sales team is not motivated enough and does not have enough positivity in the surroundings, then you might witness a tragic downfall in your sales. Do what is best for both you and your team. 

There are several ways of spreading positivity but, the best of them is to address the grievances as well as the achievements of the salesperson, use positive language, and give suggestions in the work field, which helps in keeping both personal goals and company values intact.

Be flexible and give freedom 

We are not talking about physical flexibility here but the mental one. Your mental flexibility and adaptability reflect in your actions. If you are flexible with your employees, then you will always be ready to welcome new ideas and approaches while being rigid might deprive you and your business of some brilliant ideas and solutions. Giving freedom or autonomy helps in improving productivity and eventually resulting in a motivated salesperson. Give autonomy to your team will make them feel that you trust them. Such acts will give the team confidence and help it deliver the best results.

Awards and rewards

There are several creative ways of giving motivation but giving awards and rewards is still the best one. It is no brainer that money holds a huge value in everyone’s life. Nothing can encompass the amount of motivation that money gives. However, it does not necessarily mean that you have to give monetary incentives. Incentives can be non-monetary as well, such as a small family trip, dinner or lunch is a sweet as well as a generous gesture.

Giving awards and rewards goes beyond sales motivation, they also develop a feeling of belongingness among the employees and make them feel at home. The best way to give them is to let the salesperson choose what they want as nobody knows better than them in addition to that it will also make your work easier! 

Every team needs to be motivated from time to time. Be it finance, sales, or marketing, they all need a little extra motivation. The above-given tips are easy to implement, and they will work for all the teams. It’s now time to motivate your employees and help them excel!

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