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How To Maximize Sales Success With MyOperator-SalezShark CRM Integration

How To Maximize Sales Success With MyOperator-SalezShark CRM Integration
MyOperator / Blog / How To Maximize Sales Success With MyOperator-SalezShark CRM Integration

Whether you manage a small business or a big one, you would never want to settle for a broken business communication system. 

Businesses of any sizes are constantly upgrading and switching to convenient ways to streamline their sales and customer services. 

Using customized Customer Relation Management (CRM) tools for your business is a surefire way of generating sales. Integrating it with effective business call management tools is tried-and tested strategy to ensure customer success. This will not only reduce your workload but also make your system more methodical and efficient. 

Why integrate MyOperator Business Calling with SalezShark CRM?  

  • It will help in bridging the gap between marketing, sales, and support teams. Information required by all the teams will be available at SalezShark dashboard which can also be used to make calls to customers through MyOperator cloud telephony system with ‘single-click’. 
  • Get the whole customer interaction history, their call history, profiles, as well as conversation history at one place and then personalize next interactions accordingly. 
  • Will Increase your employees productivity by reducing their manual task of finding customer data or dialing customer contact numbers manually. 
  • Will help in improving both internal and external communication by reducing gaps between different teams and between the agent and customer as well. 

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What is the potential outcome of  MyOperator-SalezShark CRM Integration?  

Improved customer satisfaction

By integrating SalezShark CRM with MyOperator cloud telephony solutions, you will empower your sales and customer service reps to give more personalized experience to your customers. This will help your customers know that you are aware about their needs and on your toes to provide solutions to their problems. 

SalezShark CRM will help your team in saving their time by reducing manual tasks of searching contact information and details about a client while MyOperator will ensure that you are available to your customers 24*7. Plethora of information about a customer will be accessible in one click while your customer will be in discussion with you through your business toll-free number

This will help in increasing profitability by reducing all the gaps caused by missed calls of customers or by keeping customers on hold for long hours to access information about them. 

Cross-Use Analytics 

The use of business analytics differs for both CRM and cloud telephony. The kind of information involved and the use case plays an important role in the same. MyOperator dashboard will provide you with real- time information about inbound and outbound calls, call duration, on hold time of the customer, frequency of the calls, agent talk time, and much more. 

SalezShark will let you know about the position of the customer on the sales funnel, issues that they faced earlier, and all the other information you need about your customers. This consistent flow of analytics together will let you know about your customer behavior and help you in gauging their needs and provide them with what they desire, which will improve customer retention, eventually helping you in increasing revenue. 

Improved data analysis 

Customer needs can be understood by studying the analytics and the available data thoroughly. With combined data coming through both MyOperator and SalezShark will help the series of data related functions to be executed with high efficiency, using records for business and training your reps, tracking and recording of calls and getting all the information accounted into CRM through calls. 

All the call recordings through MyOperator would be easily accessible at SalezShark desk. When the detailed analytics and customer information will be handy it would be easier for business leaders to have insights for better decision making.

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