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Customer experience refers to the impression that the customers have of your brand after a buyer journey. Following are the factors that influence customer experience.

#1 The quality of your product. (The kind of product you provide to the customer, the kind of raw material used for it, and how long it lasts [durability]).

#2 The value your product adds to the customer’s life. (How the product has made life of the customer easier or how has it helped them in their business [in B2B]).

#3 After service support or customer support. (How you resolved customer problems after buying your product.)

#4 Calling experience of the customer. (How customer calls were handled seamlessly. [For improving customer support on call and reducing any complications use cloud telephony]).

Customer experience is crucial since that showcases how much your brand cares about customers, determines the likeability of your brand, and helps in forecasting how far the business would go. These are the ways through which you can keep a check on customer experience.

  • Analyze customer satisfaction survey results.
  • Identify the rate of customer churn.
  • Ask customers for their feedback.
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