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User Error

User Error

Have you ever hit a website button anticipating it to take you to one webpage, only to find yourself on a different one? Did you feel awful about what happened, or were you just annoyed that the website didn’t make it apparent where clicking that link would take you? That’s an user error you are dealing with!

Either due to human error or the system’s design, it is usual for users to make mistakes when browsing an interface, which is commonly termed as user error. When users are aware of the limitations, tasks can be completed more successfully. Having explicit guidelines helps users understand the desired action and the range of possibilities. People are far more likely to commit unintended mistakes when there are no restrictions.

Whenever users do make errors, offering practical remedies helps reduce their disappointment and uncertainty. For instance, automatically anchor the user to the form’s input field if they accidentally left off a required section so they may find and fix their error right away.

Offering quick fixes for issues enhances the functionality of your website as a whole and improves the user experience. People can be discouraged from making errors by being informed of them before it is too late. Error messages or even other observable indications may be used to do this.

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