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Toll Free

Toll free, as the name suggests, is something that is free from tolls or charges. Basically, any service that you use for which you do not have to pay any recurring charges is a toll free service. Put simply, toll free is a synonym for free of cost. We learn better with examples so here is one. The highways have toll plazas on them where the road constructor collects tolls or service charges for using the highway. However, the inner city roads do not have toll plazas on them. These roads are toll free because the authorities are not charging you for using them.

In the telecommunication industry, toll free is used to refer to toll free phone numbers. These phone numbers are special as the caller does not bear charges of the call when they call on a toll free number. In India, toll free numbers are easily identifiable since they start with the digits 1-8-0-0. A large number of businesses use toll free numbers in India as these numbers are unique, easy to remember and are good for branding & marketing purposes. Since they allow the callers to call the company without being charged for it, they help in boosting the customer satisfaction levels. For this reason, toll free numbers are also widely used as customer care numbers by many businesses across the globe.

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