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Middle of the Funnel (MoFu)

MoFu is the second stage of the 3 stage sales funnel used by sales and marketing professionals to segment their leads, nurture them and ultimately sell to them. MoFu is an abbreviation for Middle of the Funnel. This is the stage where the leads or customers are midway in making a purchase decision for the product or service. It is the stage where they have accepted the fact that they need a service or product that a brand is advertising but still haven’t decided to buy it from them. The potential customers might go ahead and interact with the brand, its website and social media handles but the fact remains that they are not ready to give their money to the company just yet.

At this stage, companies and brands try to position themselves as pioneers in providing you the solution to your problems. They portray themselves as the best providers of the said product and services. In the Middle of the Funnel or MoFu stage, brands use customer testimonials, podcasts, offers and feature lists to tell their customers that they are the perfect for them. Try remembering some of the ads that you have seen recently. Amongst them, think about the ones which include customer testimonials or feature comparisons. These ads are the perfect example of the MoFu stage.

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