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First Call Resolution (FCR)

First Call Resolution (FCR)

In the customer care sector, first call resolution (FCR) is one of the most important customer service indicators. It assesses the organization’s capacity to address customer concerns and questions within the initial interaction without the need for customer support representatives to escalate the matter or follow up.

A good first call resolution (FCR) improves the customer experience since the consumer has their complex or basic queries and requests addressed during the initial encounter. An important statistic to use when calculating your total customer satisfaction rating is first call resolution. This is related to the level of support and customer service your company offers.

The capacity of your support team to quickly fix customer issues during the initial contact is a key component of outstanding customer care. Usually, customers prefer to deal with a single agent during a single client engagement for all of their demands.

The better the quality of the service you offer, the higher your first call resolution rate. Although first call resolution metrics might vary significantly amongst businesses. Based on how comprehensive your offering is. Companies benefit from better customer satisfaction, productivity, and cost savings through a higher first call resolution rate. The FCR rate is derived by dividing the total number of cases that were successfully resolved upon first contact by the total cases within the specific period of time.

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