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Co-browsing, often referred to as collaborative browsing, enables customer service representatives to work in real-time with the user’s browser. The customer’s screen can be collaboratively navigated over by the operator and the client to proactively guide customer support. The good news is utilizing it is quite simple.

The majority of customer experience solutions only require a single click on a button or referral link, accompanied by a verification for the agent or the client to approve the co-browsing session.

The capability of Web Real-Time technology, which requires no downloading, setups, or plugins, is combined in modern co-browsing services. By enabling rapid contextual interaction, this browser-based technology enables peer-to-peer interaction between two browsers and offers a smooth integration.

Your representatives may assist consumers through complicated transactions, procedures, paperwork, and demonstrations by using co-browsing technology, which allows them to see the customers’ device screen in real-time. By minimizing the number of interfaces, it improves consumer engagement. To raise the first contact resolution (FCR) rate, you can merge co-browsing with chat sessions and video conferencing.

In the sense that it does not permit viewing or controlling the customer’s screen, co-browsing differs from screen sharing. As opposed to screen sharing, it enables your service staff to assist consumers while they are completing forms or performing other tasks onscreen without any need for downloading.

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