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ACW: After Call Work

Acronym for After Call Work, ACW refers to the set of tasks to be established by an agent after a call is completed. Also known as Post Call Processing or Wrap-up, this is done immediately after a call and before the agent takes up the next contact. 

ACW is crucial to amp up your call agent’s performance. How? Their on-call performances can be monitored closely to help them understand them to overcome their shortcomings and strengths and plan their next calling activity better. If they are not able to perform at par, training can help them overcome those challenges. 

However, after-call work is not just restricted to business calling activities. Some of the ACW instances include following up with potential customers over other communication channels such as email, WhatsApp API, etc; revising customer relationship management status; log call details, etc. Department heads can keep a close eye on these ACW activities and take their next strategic step accordingly. Besides, it will be easier to gauge if there are any operational challenges while executing their ACW activities. In case, the on-call agents are taking longer to pick up their calls, it is important to streamline their ACW tasks to ensure lower queue time. This again entails proper training and integration of the right tools to ensure minimal ACW and more call-handling processes.

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