Call forwarding: A significant feature for your Germany virtual number

Call forwarding A significant feature for your Germany virtual number
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Just a few years back, people (customers) were wishing for a facility where they could easily connect with the right person in a company’s support team to file their complaint, without going through the long on-hold time.

Simultaneously, businesses were looking for a similar solution to reduce their agents’ manual efforts to transfer calls from one department to another. Obviously, transferring calls from one department to another is hectic for them as well.

Here came the need for some advancement and automation, and with the advent of cloud telephony, we were introduced with the feature called “Call Forwarding”.

Needless to say, it’s completely different from the conventional call forwarding feature on our mobiles.

Let’s understand the same with an example of Mr. Edger. He manages an eCommerce clothing store where each salesperson is assigned with multiple tasks. Tasks, like handling all customer calls, which could be filing complaint or inquiring about pricing.

There are different departments for handling these queries, however, they don’t want to (can’t afford to) market separate contact numbers for different queries.

Another issue being, Mr. Edger faces heavy customer churn due to large unanswered calls. Sales agents are not able to forward the calls with query-based issues to the sales agent who is holding expertise in this. Here, the call forwarding feature is a must when it comes to providing smooth and better customer service execution.

There are several good reasons why small to big companies, growing startups, and established enterprises are looking for reliable features that can drive innovation at every level in enhancing their customer service execution. 

This is not only just to simplify their customers’ on-call experience but also garner the potential to display exceptional customer service execution at every possible level. 

Businesses cannot ensure full-time availability of a particular sales agent, hence calls can be forwarded to any other salespersons who are available for taking that particular customer query – this is made possible with Call Forwarding!  

Considering these major points, we should apprehend what exactly is call forwarding and why it is important when it comes to ensuring smooth and better customer service execution.   

So what does Call forwarding mean?

Call forwarding is a feature of your virtual phone number which enables a user to forward the call to another agent in situations where the first number is busy or not available to receive the call. 

The reasons for the agent being unable to answer the call can be many, including cases such as the number is out of coverage area, lost connection or simply unable to attend it.

No doubt, the call forwarding feature is such a blessing for business communication because it provides real-time customer query redressal with smart and quick customer service execution. This feature empowers businesses in smooth customer service execution even in situations where there is inadequate communication or technical difficulties in reaching to the sales agent. 

What are the types of call forwarding?

Below mentioned are the two types of call forwarding services with a Germany virtual number 

1. Unconditional Call Forwarding

Unconditional call forwarding means that all incoming calls will be forwarded to a different number. In cases where you don’t want to use your own number for business purposes, there is a facility to forward them on your MyOperator Germany virtual number. Here, every call will be redirected to your office number and will be answered accordingly. 

2. Conditional Call Forwarding

Unlike the unconditional call forwarding, conditional call forwarding calls are redirected to a different number because of the unpredictable reasons such as phone is unanswered, the lines are busy, out of coverage area and the phone is switched off. 

How much Call forwarding costs you?

Call forwarding is absolutely an inbuilt feature that comes with your Germany virtual number.

You don’t have to exert any extra charges to avail of this facility. Therefore, you can easily boost your customer experience with Germany call forwarding numbers.

The charges will be the same, both for incoming and outgoing calls. However, it also depends on the plan that you are going to avail of your Germany call forwarding numbers. If you are going with the premium plan, it will definitely won’t have any extra charges for availing the call forwarding facility. But if you don’t have the access to ultimate minutes, the charges may or may not be applicable for call forwarding with a Germany virtual number. Forwarding calls to the other network or country may have different charges depending upon the charges levied by your service provider.

How to forward calls from your phone?

By just simply dialing the desired extension number, you can easily forward the calls using a Germany virtual number. It is easy, simple and quick. You can forward the ongoing calls by simply dialing the desired extension of the concerned person or the department. 

What are the benefits of call forwarding?

Call forwarding is a powerful feature when it comes to ensuring effective customer communication with simple calling features. Presenting some quick and powerful advantages of the feature call forwarding:

1. Round the clock availability

With a call forwarding feature, you can easily address calls without any missed calls while using a Germany virtual number. If you are struggling hard to be available for your customers’ service round the clock, a Germany virtual number with call forwarding feature is the best option for your business.

In situations, where your primary salesperson is unable to receive the call, it will be forwarded directly to the second available salesperson automatically. Germany call forwarding numbers help businesses to stay available without any missed customers.

2. Excellent customer service/experience.  

It’s widely believed that in a business, customers are everything and a lost customer is equivalent to lost business opportunities. The best part about the call forwarding feature with a Germany virtual number is that your business communication can harbor simple and effective on-call customer experience. 

And this is ensured with a fact that your customer’s call will always be handled anytime round the clock. When every call will be answered on time, your customers will have more trust and confidence in your business and will be more likely to stay for the long term.

3. Location flexibility.

There will be no location barriers for your business presence with a Germany virtual number with call forwarding feature. You can forward calls to different offices located anywhere in the country. This will help in swiftly addressing the customer queries pertaining to different departments or agents.

Germany call forwarding numbers will thus, help you in providing a better customer experience by resolving their issues on time. Germany call forwarding numbers help in users to reach out to you without any geographical barriers.

4. Business outreach.

With Germany call forwarding numbers, you can easily map different numbers with your business virtual number. This will allow you to simultaneously transfer calls to the right person and departments. This feature, thus, helps in building business outreach to your potential business customers.

Businesses can simply map multiple numbers behind the Germany virtual number and can expand their team easily. It will not only expand the team but also provide user-based customer service execution where every user will get customized information based on their own personalized queries. 

At last, I would say that features like call forwarding and Germany call forwarding numbers help in accelerating the business communication process. This feature is such a blessing for businesses for smoothly executing the customers’ queries without letting them wait for hours further causing the most notorious customer “churn”. The need of the hour is that call forwarding feature with a Germany virtual number will definitely be a pivotal moment for your business availability and building customers’ trust.  

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