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Cloud : the present of Business Telephony

MyOperator / Blog / Cloud : the present of Business Telephony

Do businesses want to know about technology?

In most cases they do! New handsets are exciting. An improvement in OS, in most cases, is easier to use. So in all, technology adoption has benefited people. That makes it interesting to learn. Even though, the rate of internet adoption of SMEs in India, stays at a dismal 5%, it only reflects the potential! In such a case, where does a Cloud Telephony company stand?

Here are a few thoughts:

1. Cloud Technology is still caving in, in India. Most people don’t even know what it is about, even though they use Google Docs.

2. Telephony in businesses is seen as an essential expense for business. Since no effective ways have cropped in for a while, people are complacent with how their telephony works, accepting its limitations and requirements as a given.

3. The aggressive companies coming up in the business telephony arena are mostly start-ups. SMEs believe in following the suite when proposed as a ‘tested model’ by larger technology drivers (Google?).

4. Technology is not explicitly accepted in the day-to-day working of most SMEs, unless the basis of the company itself relies heavily on the internet (e-commerce).

Where does it leave us? We expect those ‘Early Adopters’ and ‘Brand Evangelists’ to create the buzz. They are the people who run great companies and are looking at ways to improve. They believe in change to drive their companies forward.

We are sure that this idea is big and businesses need to get business telephony on cloud. It saves their time, cost and effort yielding tracking and management outputs that are crucial to increase productivity.

When will this technology wave become large enough to sweep the entire SME sector into ‘its ERA’?? I don’t have an answer to it. But one thing is sure. The more time we take, the more effort and funds we are merely wasting away on resistance.

So too pessimist am I? Well No. I believe that every reader, who has made a conscious effort to know what’s happening around and has bumped into this post, is my hope. Get cloud telephony to automate your incoming with and out-going calls with Call on the given numbers to clarify any doubt and get going!

Telephony is changing. Did you upgrade?!

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