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How you, the recruiter can use your call recordings for hiring [INFOGRAPHIC]

call recording for hiring
MyOperator / Blog / How you, the recruiter can use your call recordings for hiring [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you wonder why your entire sales team does not pick up the best practices from your best sales person? Is high churn rate in the sales team bugging your pocket and productivity? Then this article is talking to you.

Hiring for sales is a very time consuming and tedious process. There are atleast 5 points in any sales discussion which can make or break a deal. If you can smoothly bring the ball in your court everytime, the deal will be yours. Call recordings are the best way to learn from someone’s first-hand experience.

While hiring the sales team for MyOperator an IVR service provider, we created a panel with all the call recordings we thought were worth sharing. A real conversation between a customer and a sales person, not only tends to explain the nitigrities of the product, but also help the listeners realize the reasons why the product is bought. Here is how our process worked out:

call recordings for hiring

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When you are looking at creating your training, the first step should be to choose the right call recordings.

Here is what you should consider:

What do you want to achieve? We wanted to educate potential hires about the product and industry we were in. So we choose the conversation that our sales team had with the new customers.

How mature is your audience? In our case, we were looking to educate people who didn’t know our product. So we shared the first stage conversations which dealt more with spotting the need of the customer.

What do you want the listener to take away? We were looking at educating the potential hires, with the kind of businesses we deal with, and a set of ideas on how the customers relate to the product.

How can you Implement call recording?

If you use a professional call management as we do, you have a recording of all your calls. Just download the conversations which converted some of the typical cases and share it in a folder on Google Drive. Provide a mechanism to ensure that all from your target group listen to those recordings.

Training is always an ongoing process. You can implement modules for hiring in sales and support, you can implement in-house training on closing the hot leads. Handling that difficult client, or you can share best conversations that closed the most improbable cases, to come up with customer insights. Call recordings have proved to a boon for us this way. How else do you use your call recordings? Share with us in the comments!

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