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Can call recording help businesses in IT industry?

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So, Megha called up her website development company, regarding some changes in her website. But this time, the agent who picked up her call didn’t know that she was an existing customer and had no idea about the nature of her business. So she had to explain her requirements all over again and the experience wasn’t pretty to say the least.

How much would you rate this customer experience? I am sure that most of the customers would mark this case as a negative one. It is your duty as business owners to have every small data that is provided by the customer and accordingly deal with it because “you need to provide a customer experience that is exactly right for a specific customer”(Forbes). Check your processes. Do you keep a track on the interactions happening outside and inside the organization to ensure smooth flow of communication?

There are major industries that are operating in the market and each industry is trying to attain that perfection which can deliver a superb customer experience. Tools which provide call recording are becoming a business imperative these days. IT Industry might just need it!

IT services and Business Processing Outsourcing(BPO) as per Wikipedia, contributed to taking India’s GDP from 1.2% in 1998 to 7.5% in 2012 and aggregated revenues of US $100 billion in 2012. Why at all would you lose on your customers, when you know you have only to grow?

“I want my software to be…”

Customers reach out to an IT company for their software requirements or customizations. With 1000s of customers calling in to customize their service, it is not possible to maintain the exact requirements on paper for every call. Therefore, a recording of the customer interaction would help the agents to emphasize on each detail they are provided with.

“I cannot get hold of him; he is not reachable”

IT companies cater to a number of clients at a single point of time. Some of those customers will inhabit different time zones as well. A call recording, would help you track those customers who are operating when you are asleep. Being unavailable or unreachable is out of question if your business seeks to grow. Also, even if you miss out on some points during conversations, you can go back to the recordings and analyze the requirements to avoid wrong deliverable.

“I don’t know what’s going on!”

An organization functions well only when it works as a team. Every member in the team should have a go to point in case of differences within the team in understanding the requirement specifications. A call recording would help the employees as well as the team leaders to bring more clarity, irrespective of who took the client conversation. Therefore, even if the employee who had been in talking terms with the customer leaves, you still have a complete picture of the case.

“This is how you should do it”

Every workplace has some work ethics which are to be followed across board whether in terms of customer handling or in the process of working. You often invest in training your staff about how to go about the conversations! Through call recordings you can demonstrate cases in front of your employees and present them with solutions of handling it. This simple method is both scalable and replicable, irrespective of how big your organization grows.

The larger idea call recordings illustrate is that of call management. It is not just about tracking the minute details of customer conversations but also about spotting the areas for improvement. IT industry being one of the diverse industries providing services for software, hardware and extensively dealing with both on-shore and off-shore customers might just be the most desirable beneficiary.

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Can call recording help businesses in IT industry?

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