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Best practices to draft a business SMS campaign

Best practices to draft a business SMS campaign
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Direct communication between business owners and their targeted audience has become relatively easy, given the advent of SMS campaigns. However, to create a viable channel of communication between yourself and the targeted audience, certain best practices have to be followed.

Here are some steps which can ensure that your SMS campaign deliver best results.

Categorize your Customers

Before you draft the SMS content for your campaign, it is vital for you to categorize your potential customers. Some of them might be receiving the SMS for the first time while others might be your loyal clients.

The customers should be suitably categorised in the SMS lists. The first time users need to be sent an introductory SMS wherein the features and benefits of the service or product have been suitably defined. The customers who have been using your products for a longer period need to be sent a different SMS.

Categorize your customer segment and keep updating the list on a regular basis. This will send a positive message to your potential customers and they will take interest in your business initiative.

Act in a Professional Manner

Remember that as a business owner, you should never spam your potential clients. This can be detrimental for your business growth and you could land in some potential trouble. Give an option to your users to opt out of the SMS campaign. This makes the entire idea professional and your customers will appreciate your move in its spirit.

Choose the appropriate Time

The choice of timing is as vital as is the content of the SMS. It will be a bad idea to send a promotional SMS in the middle of the night. Similarly disturbing your potential customers during office hours is also not recommended.

Many retail chain outlets including Vishal Mega Mart have been sending promotional SMS to their customers as they pay their bills after the purchase. This is a great way of promoting your initiative as the customers are thrilled after making a purchase and you can connect with them in a better way.

Sending a thank you message for the purchase along with information about future campaigns can be a part of promotional SMS.

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Develop a Connect

Studies have pointed out that over 95% of promotional SMS are read by the users. This makes it all the more imperative for the business owner to connect with the user on a personal level.

Do some qualitative research about the customers before sending them promotional SMS. You can address the users by their first name and share your complete contact details in a polite manner. This will create a positive outlook for the entire campaign and your customers will take genuine interest in your ideas.

Send General Messages

Do not send business promotion messages regularly. Alternatively, you can send a thank you note to loyal customers, at least once a month. This is a gentle way of business promotion and the customers will be inclined to head to your store for making a purchase.

Given the cost implications involved in traditional ways of business promotion, SMS promotional campaigns have gained ground. Following the above listed tips will ensure that your customers will connect with you and bring worth to the business endeavors, you intend to promote.

Best practices to draft a business SMS campaign

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