25+ amazing apps for every sales professional

25+ amazing apps for every sales professional
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Ever thought, there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done? The problem is you are not managing your time well. If you are a sales rep, managing your time is essential so that you can achieve your goals within a certain time and be more productive throughout the day.

The following is the list of best online sales apps that you can download on your phone.

CRM app: Copper

The Copper mobile app allows you to take your CRM with you wherever you go. Your work doesn’t have to suffer if you are on the go. Your sales-related activities never have to slow down since you can manage them from anywhere. Your manager and sales team don’t have to wait for status updates and approvals, you can edit, manage and send approvals from any corner of the world.

LinkedIn sales navigator 

You must have used the LinkedIn app for professional purposes but have you tried the LinkedIn sales navigator app? It’s one the most used and best apps for researching possible prospects, follow-up with leads and keep the conversation going with contacts.

  1. Gmail app

Gmail app or G suite is built for professional use, communications and collaboration. There are different apps and features that you can use to stay in touch with your team. 

  • Google calendar to book meetings and appointments 
  • Hangouts to discuss ideas and plans with your colleagues
  • Emails to clients and teammates
  • Google Drive to edit, create and share
  • Google docs, sheets slide presentations and whatnot!

Isn’t it great to have all things in one place where you can manage, export and save the data instead of your data being scattered all over the place?

  1. Asana: Productivity app

This sales app helps you keep track of all your appointments, meetings, sales activities in one place and that too in colour-coded calendar format. It even removes tasks upon completion. This way you can manage your time and day more efficiently.

  1. Slack

Instead of mixing up your personal messages with professional, download slack, it’s a communication tool that helps everyone save time and collaborate. You can create different rooms for team members, executive managers, clients and much more. This prevents you from getting muddled between all the conversations.

  1. Twitter

Twitter is a microblogging platform that lets you connect with clients and prospects. It allows you to gain more clients and contacts for your business. Twitter helps you in generating leads and follow up with prospects.

  1. Ring central: best business phone app

Stop using the personal phone number to take your business calls, keep your personal and business contacts separate with Ring central. This app allows you to make sales-related calls, check your voicemail, even text your prospects from your business number.

  1. Adobe scan app

Finding it difficult to scan documents when you’re out and about, try Adobe scan app. There is always something worth converting to a scannable document when you’re on the go. It allows you to instantly convert any document to a pdf. It also allows you to edit or split PDF as per your custom requirements.

  1. Docusign: E-signature app

There are times when you want to get some document signed ASAP and won’t have time to get it signed in person, that’s where the Docusign app comes in. Since the organizations have started work from home due to pandemic, e-signature apps have become an important tool to get the documents signed by the clients, executive managers and team members without any hassle.

  1. Evernote: best note-taking app

Yes, your phone probably has a notepad already but Evernote is more than that. It’s a great app for organizing your sales notes, images as they come to you. Apart from organizing notes and images, you can also record audio, make a list of to-dos, and keep all your links in one place for quick access.

  1. Prezi Viewer: presentation app

You no longer have to wait in the office for that important presentation because the Prezi Viewer lets you take your presentation on the go. You can review your presentation and rehearse your pitch before a meeting. You can also create timelines, embed audios, videos and PDFs too.

  1. Triplt: Trip organiser

When you are a sales rep, you have to travel across countries for work, meeting clients and prospects. It’s easy to lose track of important dates and details because sometimes it gets overwhelming. But with Triplt, you need not worry about your flight timings, hotel check-in, and meeting timings. It keeps everything in one place and straight.

  1. Google calendar 

Struggling to keep track of to-do list, meetings and events, don’t worry google calendar got you covered. This app aims to keep your meetings organized, you can even create a to-do list, set reminders for events and also schedule your whole day so that you don’t miss out on anything.

  1. Lastpass: Password app

With so many sales apps, it’s hard to remember every password and login details. Lastpass is a password management app that aims to simplify your life by remembering all your passwords as well as login details and keeping them in one place. It also syncs with multiple devices, making things easier for you.

  1. Doodle

Doodle simplifies the whole process of scheduling your meetings, it also checks the availability of time to meet prospects, clients and team members. There is no need to send a heap of emails to schedule just one meeting and moreover, it keeps your calendar private.

  1. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is a traffic tracking tool that lets you keep track of your visitors. It helps you identify who your visitors are, identify your prospects and leads who have higher chances of conversation and can be converted to clients. Also, it automatically updates your CRM with lead data.

  1. Pocket

Being a sales representative, it’s not possible to get time to sit and read every day, that’s where pocket comes in. This app lets you bookmark articles to read later and it’s easy to search those articles whenever you want to read them. It also allows you to set fonts and margins that suit your reading style, now you can read anywhere on the go.

  1. Rescue Time

Rescue time is a time tracking app that allows you to see where you have spent your time. It works in the background of your phone or laptop and shows exactly how much time you have spent and what tasks. This helps you to manage your time in more efficient ways and helps you to be productive throughout the day.

  1. Invoice2go

As a sales rep, you need to generate invoices for your clients, and generating paper invoices takes up a lot of your time. Invoice2go automatically generates the bills and you can share them with your clients instantly. Now you can save time as well as create professional-looking invoices easily.

  1. Quicksell

Quicksell is a sales management and product management app that allows you to create cataloguess of your products and services with the description as well as pictures. You can share it on any platform be it WhatsApp, Facebook, Email or other medium and with anyone.

  1. Yelp

When you are travelling to another city or country for work, it gets difficult to locate restaurants or eateries. Yelp is the fastest and easiest way to locate your favourite restaurants in a new city.

  1. Expensify 

When you travel often for work meetings, keeping track of your expenses becomes time-consuming. Expensify quickly scans the receipts of your expenses and creates expense reports within no time. It simplifies the process of creating expense reports and keeps all your expense reports in one place.

  1. Zoom cloud meeting

Since the pandemic has hit the world, everything has been conducted and happening online and to make this easier for everyone, there are certain apps for conducting meetings virtually but Zoom is the best of all. You can connect with your team members while working from home. It has options for HD video, meeting encryption, team chant, and recording. Moreover, you can add 100+ participants in a single session.

  1. Audible: Audiobook app

This sales app is a great to keep your mind sharp and active, and we all know nothing is better than reading books but it’s not feasible to carry books everywhere you go. And that’s where the audible app comes in handy, there are a good number of sales books you can read on audible. 

  1. Profit story 

Profit Story is a profit calculator that allows you to easily calculate the profit margins, markups, and also suggest sell price as well as cost price information. This app aims to provide you with precise margins and profits, which helps you to save a lot of time. If you are a sales rep then this sales app is a must-have for you.

  1. Mindtools

As a sales rep, you must have multiple skills related to sales and marketing but if you have just joined as a sales rep then this app is definitely for you. Build your skills with mini-articles on leadership, decision making, communication, and marketing. 

  1. Quick voice

There are times when you need more than just handwritten notes and can record a speech or a presentation so that you can have access to it whenever you need it. With Quick voice, you can record any meeting, conference session, or keynote speech so that you don’t forget what was said and how it was done.

So, these are some of the sales apps that you can download on your mobile device. Not only these apps help you to be more productive no matter where you are but also make tasks easier for you. 

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