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5 Important Software to Improve Customer Experience

Improve Customer Experience
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When Bain & Co. examined 326 firms, they found that 80% of the customers believed that they delivered “superior customer service” but only 8% of the customers agreed with what the companies said.

Companies do strategic planning and implement accordingly to improve the quality of their services which in turn shall increase customer acquisition rate.

As business communication is one of the important aspects in customer service, therefore companies use various software to upgrade this communication process.

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Here is the list of 5 important software that help in customer experience:

1. ResponseTek is designed to access the data of a website as well as a company’s social media platforms. It helps in collecting customer insights and acknowledge and acts upon any social media crisis in case there is any. One can definitely regard it as an “early morning system”. Along with providing an access to targeted surveys, it can create surveys of innumerable types.

2. Adobe Experience Manager is a comprehensible digital marketing solution for companies and includes features such as web analytics, paid advertising management and is capable of analysing digital content. This software helps you to manage content and build assets for mobile and social media channels. You can easily integrate this system with any other existing software within your organization. So, the leads you get, do not get away from you.

3. Clarabridge is a customer intelligence tool, wherein you can listen and interpret the customer voices in order to understand customer preferences and the existing market scenario, influencing both top and bottom line profits. Moreover, this customer sentiment analytical tool makes you aware of the unusual happenings to act upon immediately. If you are looking out for product strategy opportunities, this tool is a brilliant idea to alter changes according the customers’ preferences.

4. ClickTale is a software to measure customer behaviour on your website. It enables you to check the experiences that people encounter while they are on their phones, tablets or laptops. One of the interesting features of this software is that it records the videos of a person’s visit on your website. Also, you can integrate this software with Google Analytics in order to identify users/visitors from a particular segment.

5. Satmetrix allows you to understand the link between customer behaviour and business outcome. Comprehending customer choices and behaviour is one of the important aspects to make a business work better. With Satmetrix you can create segmented surveys in order to collect feedback of the clients to implement strategic changes to improve the customer experience.

Customer acquisition is easy but retaining them is not an easy task. The first step towards retention is to improve customer experience strategies and these software can be a path towards a value added customer service experience.

What all software do you use to improve customer experience? Share your knowledge by commenting below.

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