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Why March is the right time for technology investment in your business?

MyOperator / Blog / Why March is the right time for technology investment in your business?

Wondering how to save your corporate tax this financial year?

Or has it been a pretty bad financial year in terms of lower profits, and you’re expecting a boom next year?  Then, making some right business investments before the financial year ends, will be a perfect way to minimize your tax.

March is here, and you need to make a quick decision.

But, it becomes difficult to think of a perfect investment, in a little time.

So, here’s the guide!

Where to invest?

Business Technology

Investing in technology never hurts. It always upgrades your business.

Owing to the rapid pace at which technology is disrupting several industries, being technologically up to the mark is a prerequisite for a business to sustain and expand further.

Whether you’re an early stage startup, a SME or a global player, business process automation is a must if you want to reduce your costs, boost efficiency and scale up rapidly.

Why is investing in technology right for your business?

Believe it or not, in the coming years, the real cost of missed opportunities from not investing in technology will outweigh the value of other investments on your balance sheet.

Here’s why your business needs to invest in technology right away.

  • To eliminate unnecessary steps from your current business process
  • To manage your business expenses, cash flow, and other company resources
  • To provide your customers a personalized experience.
  • To enjoy maximum opportunity time to capitalize on the new technology.
  • To build a smoother path for further business expansion and diversification.
  • To measure ROI of your marketing campaigns
  • And, to have an edge over your competitors. Yeah, obvious!

Here’s the checklist of your essential business technology investments

Although most of the technology investments depend upon the type and nature of your business, or stage of your business life cycle, here are 3 business technologies that your business just can’t afford to miss out on.

Besides streamlining and automating certain processes, they’ll give important insights about your business, which might not be measurable as of now.

These insights are important data points that you must consider before taking any important business decision or strategizing further plans.

Cloud Telephony: Why tie your executives to their seat, when you can set them free?

Cloud telephony helps you manage business calls without any hardware or software installation. It gives you important insights about all your business calls, and is very easy to set up. You can set up your full fledged business call management system in less than 30 seconds.

All you need to do is, just get a subscription, and you’ll get your business number. Once you map your representatives behind this single business number, they can answer, make and transfer calls directly from their mobile phones, irrespective of their location, and time.

It’ll help your business be available 24*7 for your customers and also provide your customers a personalized experience. Moreover, you can also track, record and monitor all your business calls at one place.

You can easily access your call analytics wherein you’ll get to know your business call quality, peak hours, call volume, missed calls information, caller demographics and many other important aspects that’ll help you build an ideal customer persona.

MyOperator is the most trusted cloud telephony solution that comprises unique features such as Live Call Transfer and Remarketing. It offers the best call quality and also provides 30 day refund policy, in case you’re not satisfied.

P.S. MyOperator Startup Program offers 6 months free plan for early stage startups.

CRM software: Is managing customer relations and sales a real problem? Automate them.

Keeping all your sales and customer data at one place is now a necessity in order to streamline your sales process efficiently.

CRM (Customer relationship management) software lets you keep all your customer data and customer communication at one place. Here, you can easily manage and analyze all the customer interactions that happen throughout the customer life cycle.

It gives you and your executives, a clear view of the sales pipeline and keeps the team motivated to crack maximum deals.

Once you add all your products, and the sales representatives responsible for each product in your CRM software, your sales representatives can keep the CRM panel updated. Moreover, they can send emails to customers directly through the CRM panel.

Another benefit CRM software provide, besides sales automations is, you can easily integrate them with other software. For instance, if you integrate your CRM software with MyOperator, you can keep all customer calls details as well as their sales pipeline at one place.

Pipedrive and Salesforce CRM are the top performing CRM software, that your business can opt for.

Marketing analytics tools: Know where your marketing budget is flowing

As said by John Wanamaker, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”

But now, you can easily know ‘which half’.

Every business needs marketing. Irrespective it is a startup or some established business like facebook, they all advertise to gain more users, more customers. And all these marketing campaigns take away a major part of our revenue.

So, it becomes very important for us to keep track of how our marketing campaigns are performing, and strategize our further marketing plans accordingly. Our aim should be to minimize the customer acquisition cost.

Marketing analytics tools give insights about how users interact with your website, demographics of your customers and potential customers, leads gained from each individual campaign, your website traffic, your best performing keywords, and many other significant data.

Some of the best analytics tools include Google Analytics, Google Search Console (a free tool by Google), MozPro and SEMRush.


Technology for business
Now, with so many indispensable business software out there, are you still thinking where to invest?

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