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3 reasons why SMEs need a Business Call Management System

Business call management for SMEs
MyOperator / Blog / 3 reasons why SMEs need a Business Call Management System

According to State of Small business Report, 2015 46% of small businesses use email marketing to reach their target audience.

Email marketing has been one of the easiest ways for SMEs to create awareness about their products or services.

Let us have a look at VoiceTree newsletter signature:


Did you notice the phone number mentioned?  Ever wondered about having a report of number of callbacks via a particular email campaign?

Making a phone call is the easiest way to get in touch with any organization. Also, the emotional connect during a phone call is much higher than that of an email. A phone call comes with an expression for details. An email, on the contrary, may contain “one-liners” or the benefits listed of a product or service. The one-on-one conversation happening between two people over a phone call has a greater impact than any written communication. According to Business to Community, phone calls are 5 to 10 times more worth a conversion than any other media.

If you are spending a lot on your marketing campaigns, this is to inform that you need a call management solution for your SME business too for not missing any call lead.

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Here are the 3 major reasons why small businesses need a call management system:

1. Miss no business calls: Many of you must have gone digital and must be using effective ways to track your website visitors. But wait! Have you been missing to track your callers? If you are a first-time entrepreneur, you cannot afford to miss a single business call for call missed is lot business opportunity. These business calls may be of customers, investors, etc. A business call management system is a great way to go ahead with this idea. It helps you track all the calls both during office and after office hours. It gives you all the options to check what all calls were missed and picked by your team. You can follow up with the calls you have missed for improving conversion rate and business communication.

2. Managing business image: One of the major reasons why you should keep a call management system for your business is to project yourself big and professional. Your customers don’t know whether you are big or small.They want a good quality product with superior customer service, which to an extent comes with professionalism. Call management systems consist of IVR system which has a professional voice. Hence, callers are greeted with a professional voice along with your brand name. IVRs are an effective way to handle customer calls, spreading your brand name across your clientele and connecting them to the right department. Department-wise segregation over a phone call  is possible only by using an IVR. This means even if you company isn’t that big, you can showcase yourself as one by keeping multiple departments.

3. Measuring RoI: Call tracking is important in terms of measuring RoI of your marketing campaigns. A business call management system helps you analyse the phone leads by tracking and recording customer calls. The customer insights you track with call tracking and recording are beneficial as well as critical for your product and marketing strategies. Call tracking displays the analytics of the customer calls which further can help you analyse the success of a campaign. Thus, your decisions for marketing investment becomes easier.

No matter how small your business is, or what industry it belongs to, you need a call management system to manage customer calls and grow.

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