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What cloud telephony should mean for your business

cloud telephony
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If you are one of them who is losing out on customers for unexplained reasons, it might help to revisit your customer service department. For companies that are trying to make a mark for themselves, it becomes all the more important to prove themselves to be highly professional and seem like a big organization that knows its business well.

Ring in Customer Cheer

Today, most of the data centric services of an organization are shifting to internet based voice and data communications. The telecommunication applications are largely being handled by third party outside the firm and are being accessed over an Internet infrastructure. The cloud based offering helps companies expand their alternatives beyond local or regional carriers.

If you are looking for someone who can look after your organization’s communication, it becomes necessary to have a proficient and trustworthy advocate for the same. It is for them to ensure that the service quality, customer service, network design, service mix, applications and pricing are all maintained at optimum levels.

In general, cloud based platforms are found to be much more effective than software based platform and comes at lower costs too. Hosted services that have been built around voice are referred to as hosted voice over internet protocol (VoIP) which works and also integrates seamlessly.

Cloud telephony refers to the voice services specifically and replacement of conventional business telephone equipment like the PBX with third party VoIP service. It boils down to outsourcing all your customer needs to someone who knows it all.

It would be wise for an organization that believes in being self-sufficient in terms of their systems to rethink their strategy. The capital that is involved in setting up a VoIP infrastructure in-house does not prove to be effective in terms of both the costs involved and the human resources required. Setting up your own servers on the site would involve equipment like network servers, file storage, application servers, web servers, PBX etc. This calls for additional office space, power and cooling costs.

Implementation of cloud telephony system is quick and easy. It does not require any installation of hardware or the visit of the technical team to get the phone system functioning.

The potential returns increases manifold with cloud telephony offering quality services on low cost subscription basis.  Switching to a cloud telephony system can save an organization the hardware costs associated. The costs incurred are only on the number of users of the system and internal calls can be made for no charge at all.

Cloud telephony provider also comes with expertise in technology that a small business cannot afford to achieve soon. It also ensures that there are fewer updates to the office systems whenever new applications are implemented. Thus resulting in virtually no loss of time and man hours. In case of technical snags, one can be assured of maximum up-time with very easy steps to get your system back up and running.

Cloud telephony also allows an organization to cater to their customers anytime and from anywhere. This gives the reputation of being a large enterprise to even the small and medium enterprises. Thus the very best levels of services and features are delivered to the customers.

As one’s business grows, one need not worry about scaling up their systems to handle the systems accordingly. It is as simple as making a phone call or e-mailing your service provider for the system extensions.

What cloud telephony should mean for your business

  1. Businesses need cloud telephony services to save cost and improve productivity. It allows you to run your business from anywhere. You must consider cloud telephony services to stay & survive in market. Some cloud telephony services are- Toll free number service, IVR services, Missed call services, VoIP technology etc.

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