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7 mobile apps every entrepreneur must have

7 mobile apps every entrepreneur must have
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I need not mention how mobile apps have gained popularity in the market. Apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat and all other such applications have made it easier for the mobile users to communicate and can be used by anyone, according to one’s convenience.

Taken from the business point of view, entrepreneurs have to manage a lot of working angles within the organization and a business app can definitely make their working areas easy.

The mobility of people has increased with the increased usage of smartphones. Similarly, the working style has changed at its best!

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Here are some mobile apps that may help entrepreneurs to work  smartly:

TrackMaven: Managing content and designing its strategies are a content marketer’s best friend. In fact 92% of the experts say that they prefer industry-specific content opposed to journals or any other sources. TrackMaven helps you to track the content across the internet landscape, thereby analyzing what is working and what’s not.
Along with planning your editorial strategies, this app helps you to monitor your content engagement and performance compared to your competitors. Therefore, you can now gauge the success of a post and spot the opportunities of the same.

Venmo: Are you facing problems in transferring money online? Or still filling out long forms to send money to your employees or colleagues? Here’s your chance to say “bye” to all such complexities with Venmo which is designed to transfer money in a free and easy manner from anywhere. Proceed a “safe and secure” transaction without paying a single penny!

TripIt: Too many business tours and still confused with the itineraries? Triplt shall be your companion helping you organize your travel route. All you need to do is send your confirmations to your email. It manages and tracks all your travel directions. With Triplt, travel can be most exciting and less disoriented. Now plan your business outings hassle-free.

StratPad: This is an amazing app for the people who are into business planning. This application is specially designed for an ipad and Alex Glassey, the designer, describes it as a “strategic planning and decision making tool”.
This application can be a really smart step for people who are writing or are thinking to move ahead with their first ever business plan. It offers its users various free “how-to-use” tools for beginners, along with a 58-page business strategy tutorial, email-based customer service, and a lot more.

Producteev: Too much work and facing problems in delegating tasks? Producteev will help you achieve this very easily. This free app helps you delegate tasks and ensures that your task is done on time. Displaying the due dates and progressions of the tasks, this app is absolutely awesome for small and medium sized businesses.

Business Calendar: A business calendar to organize your events and schedule your appointments. Mark your important dates with this app in order to stay punctual and accountable of the work.
Going through innumerable planners to recheck for your appointments and events, is sometimes irritating.This mobile app will sort out your daily business schedule with ease.

WPS Office: This app is used to open almost all kinds of document including PDF, Word documents, Powerpoint presentations etc. Business people can simply create amazing presentations and official mails on their mobile phones.

With the business applications you use, get the advantage of:

  • Managing easily
  • Working faster
  • Increasing productivity
  • Lessening business costs
  • Improving customer churn
  • Working professionally
  • Consuming less time

What all apps do you use and would recommend to transform the business strategies and make management better? Please comment below.

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