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MyOperator App: One stop solution to your multiple business problems

MyOperator / Blog / MyOperator App: One stop solution to your multiple business problems

Quarterly team meeting was going on. All the department heads, along with the CEO sat together in the conference room to discuss their achievements and problems.

After rejoicing at their achievements, it was time to discuss their grievances.

CEO: So, what are the issues you’ve been facing so far?

Marketing head: We are putting a lot of efforts from our end. But, we get a lot of bad data. I think there is some serious issue with targeting our customers. We need a good database for our target market.

Sales head: We do have a database of our customers, but that isn’t at one place. Also, Maria, one of our senior sales executives, left last month. It was a big setback for our sales team. She was one of the most proficient in our team and had been working dedicatedly for the last 3 years, but she was disheartened with her appraisals this time. Though, I gave good reviews about her, she wasn’t promoted.

HR head: You did give good reviews about Maria, but Jatin was more impressive in his appraisal interviews, so he was promoted. However, I was unable to track their individual performance properly.

The CEO was listening to the problems of each department head attentively. He felt that all the problems were genuine, and needed to be addressed immediately. However, he couldn’t understand the reason behind these problems. Was it because of a lack of coordination or something else?

This scenario was going on in one organization. Are you facing similar situations in your business too? Don’t worry, we’ve got an ideal and affordable solution to all your problems.

It’s MyOperator Mobile App.

Wondering how a mobile app can be capable of handling so many business problems? MyOperator App is a boon for your business amidst this huge competitive market. Now, let me tell you what exactly is MyOperator App, how it works and why is it a must have for your business.


MyOperator Mobile App

MyOperator App is a business call tracking mobile app, that tracks the business calls of all your employees, creates a database of your callers, gives an analytical report of all your calls, helps you measure your team’s performance and ensures that your agents are making regular follow ups on their call leads.

Now, I’ll explain how MyOperator App would smoothen the function of each department in your organization.

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Track all your call leads using the MyOperator App

Managing call leads and making successful conversions is the most important function of the Sales Department. Being the owner of your company, you’re not able to track all your call leads. That becomes quite an impossible and cumbersome task when done manually. But, with the MyOperator App, which is equipped with advanced call center software, you can do so within minutes.

MyOperator App lets you add as many users you want to. Once you add your sales representative as one of the users, all his calls can easily be tracked by you. This way, you can ensure if that sales representative is making regular follow ups and not missing even a single call lead.

On the other hand, it will help your sales representative to set reminders for their own follow ups and add notes about each call which will help them in listing down valuable information (business requirements, email, etc.) which an agent might forget after a conversation ends.

Create database for your marketing campaigns

Right customer database is important for the success of all your marketing campaigns. MyOperator App a leading cloud call center solution provides a complete database of all your callers at one place. This database is automatically created each time a customer calls on your business number or toll free number.

Your Marketing Department can use this database to target and remarket interested callers about your product through Facebook advertisements and SMSes. This helps in increasing the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

Enhance your employee satisfaction and make your organization the best place to work with

Ensuring employee satisfaction, retention of the most proficient employees and hiring new employees are the major functions of HR department.

MyOperator App can help your HR department in two ways. Firstly, since all your business calls are tracked, it becomes easier to monitor and analyze which sales agent is making maximum conversions and performing the best.

Thus, the most deserving employees are the ones who are promoted and get salary hikes. This directly boosts employee satisfaction and helps the company retain their most proficient employees.

Secondly, it helps the HR department track and monitor all the calls received and made by new job applicants. It further allows agents attending HR queries make note of important information without disconnecting ongoing calls.

This is how MyOperator App an IVR service provider is a single solution to your multiple business problems. With this you can improve your business communications, increase your profits, keep your employees satisfied and stay ahead of your competitors.

Do you still want to miss on it? Of course, not.

Get the MyOperator App for your business and take your business to new heights.


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