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4 reasons why your business needs MyOperator’s Mobile App

4-reasons-why-your-business-needs-MyOperator’s-000000Mobile App
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Communication is the essence of every organization. All relevant information, instructions and directions needed to achieve a predefined set of goals require an effective communication system. Emails, advertisements, promotional messages, SMSes, etc are the different ways through which you communicate with your customers.

However, 65% of businesses consider phone calls as their most valuable and highest quality source of leads, which is why they prefer to communicate with their customers via phone calls. Therefore, to ensure that you capitalize on every business opportunity that comes your way, it is essential that you track all your business phone calls.

If you think monitoring and tracking all these calls would be a tiresome task then here’s good news! You can track all your incoming and outgoing calls just by using your mobile phone. Yes, you read it right.

MyOperator Mobile App, launched back in 2015, is a call tracking solution that allows you to monitor and track all your business calls from anywhere, anytime. You need not be in office or in front of your desktop to be updated about your business’s call details. Everything is available on your mobile phone. Just a tap and all your call data can be accessed.

Here’s why MyOperator’s Mobile App is beneficial for your business:

1. Track calls: Are your agents attending calls or missing them?

Tracking business calls is very important because it ensures that no business deal is lost. Wondering how? Consider, if you don’t track your business calls. In such a situation you would be clueless about the number of calls your company received and missed and hence, you’re unaware of the overall call traffic. The consequence: You will not know how many calls you lost. Therefore, your business will continuously lose potential leads. I’m sure you don’t want all your efforts to go in vain just because you don’t track calls, right?
The MyOperator Mobile App helps solve this problem. It tracks both inbound and outbound calls thereby helping business owners like you track calls from anywhere, anytime. Additionally, you can also view all your business’s call logs and daily reports to measure your team’s call performance with just a click.

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2. Follow up: Get to know which agents follow up calls on time.

With the help of call tracking, you get to know how many calls are answered and how many have been missed. But, what next? Are you following up with your missed calls to ensure that no potential customer is lost?  Because, statistically it was observed that customers who received a busy signal and weren’t answered or followed back, went to other companies. Thus, it is of utmost importance to ensure that all your missed calls are followed up. As the brand value of your business will diminish in no time, if your customers are unhappy.

With the MyOperator Mobile App you can follow up with customers just by setting reminders for all those calls that need to be followed. You no longer need to keep in mind when a customer has to be called. Your MyOperator Mobile App will do that for you. This thereby helps you deliver superior customer experience.

3. Team accountability: Measure your agents performance on calls

Do you know which employee is actually doing his/ her job and which isn’t? Wondering why this is important? I’ll tell you. It helps in measuring your employees’ productivity and makes them accountable. After all an organization grows when all individuals associated with it work to their fullest potential. Therefore, it is very important to know how each employee is handling your business’s calls.

MyOperator Mobile App helps you keep a tab on your all your employees performance. Through it you can monitor whether or not your agents are following up with your callers from time to time, as all your calls are tracked. Therefore, each team and its members become answerable and accountable. This thereby helps in improving your agents’ call performance and productivity.

4. Integrate your call management system with the Mobile App: Analyze your business’s performance even after working hours.

A call management system helps businesses manage calls. It helps route calls to the concerned department without making customers wait. However, monitoring business call activities over the web panel becomes cumbersome especially when the call volume is high.

In such a case, integrating your call management and MyOperator Mobile App is very beneficial. With MyOperator Mobile App, the entire call data that is on your web panel gets synced to your app. This allows you to check and monitor your call logs without having to use the desktop. You can access data from anywhere, anytime. It helps you stay connected to your business  24/7, thereby ensuring that no business opportunity is missed.

Then, what are you waiting for?

Download your MyOperator Mobile App, today.

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