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IVR’s help save bucks for SMEs: A case for export businesses

import-export using IVRs
MyOperator / Blog / IVR’s help save bucks for SMEs: A case for export businesses

This most inviting rice image speaks volumes of the quality rice that makes it so delectable.

Established in the year 1998, Mubarak Overseas Pvt. ltd. is a proud brand. Based in the heart of India, New Delhi, it’s target market is an elite class, who are ardent lovers of great taste and aroma of quality basmati rice. They were looking at two objectives:

1. Command top of the mind recall with the consumer by ensuring effective brand promotion strategies

2. Increasing global footprint by venturing into newer markets and forge fruitful alliances with entities operating within the same plane.

Being an exporter, they have to attend calls of different set of customers.  With multiple numbers any buyer or any customer who needed support from the company could call on any number. What they didn’t realise was this:

1. Having multiple numbers affected the business adversely. They urgently required a single number to handle business calls with a condition that calls should land in the desired place.

2. Also, dealing with international clients leads to the issue of time difference which meant purchase requirements after office hours. Inability to attend to calls after office hours lead to loss of valuable international and local clients for Mubarak.

3. Calls needed to go in support department but handled by sales person and then transferred to the concerned department or person.

Just imagine the plight of the customer wanting to place a big fat order being passed on the buck from pillar to post! Or perhaps just inquiring packaging quotations, they would have sure got them running from customer support to sales department to packaging. Phhheeeew…. Believe me they’d be put off if not running far and away. It would have been disastrous to even lose one such customer and we are talking about many that too on daily basis.

So the obvious choice was an IVR that would transfer calls to the required department and also work round the clock.

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MyOperator got them one solution for all the aforementioned issues. MyOperator’s one Toll Free Central Number is currently displayed on their website.

One Number distributed to local and global clients by VoiceTree made calling easy and feasible for their clients. It solved their concerns, plus:

  • Entertained calls with welcome message.

  • Provided easy options to transfer their calls in desired departments.

  • Got a customer support number alongwith the toll free effect.

  • Positive impact of the companies on customers.

  • 24*7 activated service.

  • Provided them a voice mail feature which gave opportunity to record message of callers at the time of unavailability.

This whole package under the one roof helped them to grow really fast to accomplish their mission, and generated leads for them in a massive manner. Nimesh Gupta, CEO of Mubarak foods says, “For us, the main advantage of MyOperator is while serving international clients. A professional IVR and Voice Mails are a major brand factor there!

Their profits shot up and VoiceTree got the opportunity to serve yet another satisfied client.

Another way of saying a few bucks on IVR services helps you gain manifold times. The message is clear all gains without pains.

This article is contributed by Aakaanksha Singh. She is a professional Blogger, columnist and an author.

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