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Brand number – Are you building one for your business?

brand number on cloud
MyOperator / Blog / Brand number – Are you building one for your business?

It’s a crazy world of numbers. You are practically supposed to have most on your tips round the clock; ranging from your account number, car number, passwords of all of them and the list could just go on. Just imagine your poor mind boggled with your personal numbers to yet another call number, office number and a fax number…. urghhh. The thought alone gets me paranoid with figures all around. I sure my case gets aggravated with the number phobia I developed since school.

While your MyOperator number can’t free you off the burden of memorizing bank numbers but surely the entire call management will get your fax, office phone and your mobile accessible under one head-your brand number.


You Can Upgrade Your MyOperator FAX Number To A Complete Business Call Management System.

It only makes sense to have same business number as fax number. Apart from saving the trouble of displaying multiple numbers, you could get your documents too on your brand MyOperator number.

Let’s analyze the benefits of this one-stop brand number:

    • Your MyOperator call management system has easy scalability to handle multiple calls on the same number at the same time!
    • If you are the business, all faxes sent to your business number are forwarded to your MyOperator panel as a viewable pdf attachment.
    • Your business can even send information such as sales order confirmations instantly via email or fax after a call interaction takes place.
    • No need to publish multiple numbers one would be enough!

With the pace at which technology is advancing, it’s virtually impossible to keep abreast without the right scaffolding, have a quick look at what automated answering ivr/pbx systems offers:

    • Single number helps in maintaining sanity in the business communication. No matter who joins or leaves your company, you do not have to change your business number.
    • Enables real time monitoring of all your company interactions with the customers
    • Reporting is crucial for building a smarter business setup. PBX helps you pull out all the key metrics of a call: caller details, time of call, type of call and date. This can help in optimizing your team effort.
    • Get all logs on your panel and phone app so that you attend calls on-the-go.
    • Live call transfer to keep your team connected with simple key press.
    • Let employees manage calls related to them on their ‘own’ panel.
    • Effective call management system can do apart from streamlining your business communication. Every call carries value and is an equivalent business opportunity.
    • Calls can be routed to different locations. This helps your team become mobile.
    • Call transfer is an important feature required for any business phone system. It helps a receiver to redirect a call to the right department or person so that customer queries are answered immediately.

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It is as convenient as it gets to bring all your communication tools under one head. It works for end users, employers and the employees alike; just one MyOperator number.

This article is contributed by Aakaanksha Singh. She is a professional Blogger, columnist and an author.

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