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6 pointers not to be missed in your tele-sales pitch

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MyOperator / Blog / 6 pointers not to be missed in your tele-sales pitch

It is easy to convince someone who you already know. You know what clicks them and what doesn’t. Also, it is more effective if the person you are pitching to is present in front of you. You can start from dressing well and posing a genuine smile to create a good first impression. But when you are selling to someone on phone, you have just those 5 minutes to drive across your message and make your customer interested in your product and not to mention, make them spend their money on it.

So here are some quick yet most essential and easily forgotten pointers, to optimize the results you deliver through your sales call.

  • The introductory note

The best way to start any conversation is a greeting with a smile. Your smile may not be visible but it shows in your voice. Ask them how they are doing and ensure they can take a five minute call just now. This should be enough to bring their attention completely to your call from the other activities that occupied them. Once you have connected with them the platform is yours’!

  • Show empathy

It’s time to present your pitch. But don’t make it sound like one. Every product heals some pain points. Ask the customer if it is pain for him too. Empathize with his situation and propose a case to help him get over it. Essentially, you are pitching the product but not till he knows he needs it. Once you have made him curious to know about it, it leave the desired impact.

  • Don’t repeatedly name the product.

I often find sales team repeatedly mentioning that ‘my product’ gets people a lot of advantage. It is essential but repeated 3 times in 1 minute, and it fires back. This tells them you care about the product more than their problem. When you talk to this potential customer, let him know you care for him. You just need to be a genuine person offering a genuine solution to ‘his’ problems. Once you have presented the qualitative value, introduce your product with the price point.

  • Maintain your composure.

When you start your conversation, you are talking as an individual. However, the moment you introduce your product, it is about the company you represent. So offense in your tone is a strict loss. Recall that you are the one who benefits if the deal closes, and you alone will lose if it doesn’t. There are enough sales pitches around, so it’s your job to make yours’ personal and effective. Also remember, that people network and bad news spreads faster than good news.

  • Don’t leave the conversation hanging.

You have done an awesome work so far. The customer is interested in your product. Seize the opportunity now! Don’t wait for them to come to your website on their own convenience to close the deal. Depending on your product, decide the time for the meeting or provide them with a product demo just then. If you let this opportunity go, your efforts lose atleast 50% of their effectiveness. Also, as they say, hit the iron when it’s hot!

  • Follow the call with an email

Send a written account of your conversation and conclusions. For all you know, he may be so busy in his everyday work that his other engagements cloud your proposal. Also, ensure  that you follow up and close the deal. After all, that’s what pays all of us off!!

While building MyOperator, it delighted us to know your customers have every lead in loop with our product. These simple steps can make every lead count. Do leave your feedback in the comments to how it works for you!

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