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Now connect with your callers on Facebook

Now connect with your callers on Facebook
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On an average, 80% of the business happens over the phone. And this isn’t a one-time process. You would like to reach out to your callers again everywhere, including social media platforms too! This’d help you:

  • create brand awareness.
  • earn more from existing customers.
  • convert call leads into conversions.

But how?

Here’s a good news!

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MyOperator, your business call management system now integrates with Facebook to connect you with your callers via Facebook Remarketing. Presently, there are 108.9 million Facebook users in India. And assuming these would include your callers too, we have come up with a new Facebook Remarketing integration.

MyOperator gives you the solution to track and record your calls which help you optimize your calls and doesn’t let you miss important business opportunities.

MyOperator creates subscription lists that are created based on the call attributes and can be used for the purpose of remarketing when required. This helps in segregation and customization of the campaigns that you set for your callers. Based on the conversation, you may structure your campaigns and reach them back on Facebook. Therefore, for all those callers of your business who are on Facebook, we have launched this feature. As callers get auto-subscribed on your MyOperator account as soon as they call, these subscribers can be segregated depending on the call attributes.

How do you start with Facebook Remarketing on MyOperator? It’s simple!

All those who call you on your MyOperator number must be a Facebook user registered with the number with which they called (of course, they are!). These may include calls for:

  • Support
  • Sales
  • Human Resources or any department in your business

To start remarketing to your callers on Facebook, click on the integration button and all the subscription lists visible on the MyOperator account shall be synced. When you integrate Facebook Remarketing with MyOperator, you are directed towards the “Audiences” section of Facebook Ads Manager and the same lists are visible on the Facebook panel. Therefore, you can select individual lists or all and retarget your callers on Facebook.

For example,

your subscription lists “Sales”, “Support”, “Accounts” and “Human Resource” on MyOperator,


gets displayed on Facebook Ads Manager.

Now here’s where the magic starts: Based on your conversation with the callers (you may refer to the call audios to understand) and the nature of the call, segregate your Facebook Ad campaigns and reach them back.

To enable you to reach out to your customers, both current and potential, we have launched this feature to optimize your calls to the fullest and expand your profit margins. Start remarketing on Facebook today with your MyOperator account and bring in more business.

Want to get started with Facebook Remarketing? Write to us

Now connect with your callers on Facebook

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