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Introducing integrated SMS support for happy customers!

sms support and email notifications
MyOperator / Blog / Introducing integrated SMS support for happy customers!

The Twenty-first Century sees communication as never before. Gone are the days when months of delayed communication could be compensated for. Customer will not excuse the missed call or even email being left unattended. They expect the efficiency round the clock. Which probably will take the toll out of you.

IVRs are redefining communications by ensuring a structure for this prompt response. They put you in touch with the data and people when they want it. Call back the customers from your panel, automate customer response, provide order status or integrate with your own custom SMS support application to provide a service customized to your needs. It’s all about your business’s efficiency and enhanced image.

My heart only goes out to imagine you waking up at wee hours with grumpy customers with an array of complaints bombarded at you left right and centre; while you were probably struggling to open your eyelids!

Today’s blog will focus on efficient solutions an automated IVR phone can develop for your e-business, through SMS:

  • Reception of access code via SMS to strengthen security,
  • Promotion via SMS marketing,
  • SMS alerts and reminder of call status,
  • Satisfaction surveys.


One facility that I would like to put special emphasis on is our SMS alert service at every unattended call. The messaging benefits will not be just at the employer’s level but you can choose that the customer too gets the SMS on behalf of the company. This assures the caller that he is not talking in thin air. This also could in turn improve workforce accountability and productivity.

Your customers are on the move, so getting them information they need quickly, easily, wherever they are, is key to driving customer satisfaction.  Extend the reach of your brand by combining powerful IVR technologies with SMS and e-mail messaging. With our integrated SMS support panel, you can seamlessly collect data and results through our messaging gateway. Identify when customers receive your message, track marketing campaigns, interest, responses, and more, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing mediums.

Understanding caller satisfaction and buying preferences, helps you to enforce a consistent brand experience. IVRs allows you to control your message and delivery options, schedule campaigns, and select specific groups of recipients to better target customers, dealers or users and provide instant information and updates. Instant notification via IVR and SMS messaging ensures your message is received; whether for an emergency or simply for a key marketing campaign.

This article is contributed by Aakaanksha Singh. She is a professional Blogger, columnist and an author.

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